Meet the team behind

A team of students from our eCommerce Business program made a sweet ecommerce solution! We sat down with the team that dubbed themselves "the Candy Pigs" to find out more.

Who's part of Godis på nätet?

Godis på nätet is an international e-commerce candy gang:

Svetozar Milicevic (Novi Sad, Serbia), Max Hammarberg (Göteborg, Sweden), Marthine Haugen Petersen (Oslo, Norway) & Erik Johansson (Skara, Sweden).

Tell us about godispanatet. (what is it, who does it target, why)

Godis på Nätet is an e-commerce site that sells Swedish pick and mix candy for people all over the world. No matter where you are in the world we offer over 350 variants of fresh candy to our customers.

Our ultimate target group is – everybody. But initially it’s for all the Swedes abroad missing the Swedish candy. We are also trying to become the best known online solution for quite a few issues we came up with when it comes to shopping for candy in “physical” stores: a vegetarian having trouble to find he’s favorite candy, somebody with a great hunger for sugar free candy or any candy lover who is tired of unrest and outdated candy in the stores.

How was the process that led to Godis på nätet? is a school e-commerce project which has evolved into a full scale online business. In the beginning we only knew that we wanted to launch our own online store where we will sell stuff. And that was pretty much it. Soon, we realized that Swedish candy is just perfect product for us: No number 1 player in the market, product with a big target group, something that can make our year project not just probably successful, but so much fun as well. True, we gained some weight during the process of researching our product range, but our incredibly good look is not as important as our overall business success :)

The most important stage of our journey was at the beginning, when we were forming our year project groups. We all wanted to put our Hyper Island learning’s to the entrepreneurial test. Once we made sure that we all have the same goal with our year project, staying long after classes and spending so many hours of planning, research and development became an every-day routine, which we enjoyed more than we could expect.

What has happened since launching?

It has been an amazing journey and we still learn something new everyday. We are trying to learn and act based on our customers needs and their feedback. We constantly try to develop the site and make it even better. We are still aiming for an e-commerce site that takes the offline experience of standing in a candy store in front of shelves filled with candy, with a spoon in your hand, being ready to dig into so many different sorts of delicious candy. At the moment we are working on a few last changes to the site before we start making our first major marketing efforts where we want to spread the word about GodisPåNätet.

How do you look upon the future ahead?

We are really exiting about the future. We still have a lot of ideas that we want to implement. Currently we are working with some design changes and also a few improvements in order to make the site and the shopping experience even better for our customers. Our long term vision or dream is to make an e-commerce site that is so awesome that no one will leave the page without putting in an order for our delicious candy. Simple as that ☺

Who would win the fight of a bear or a mosquito in the size of a bear?

Mosquito for sure. The damn thing looks vicious even in the regular size.