Meet Subhendu - one of the world's first new digital data strategists!

Subhendu from Malaysia describes his experience from attending the Digital Data Strategist program.

Subhendu, what were you doing prior to joining Hyper Island?

I spent 17 years in the business of advertising both as a planning director as well as a managing director in agencies like Leo Burnett, JWT, Havas and Publicis.

Why did you decide to come study here?

I felt that the world and the business of advertising are going through a permanent change and professionals like me were not investing enough in embracing that change. As the world and I waxed eloquent about the impending change, I wanted to put my “money where my mouth is”. My Ex boss at JWT suggested I look into Hyper Island. I loved the Hyper Island philosophy of “controversial competencies”. I liked the entire learning methodology of Hyper Island. There are a few learning Institutions that understand the demands of an emerging complex world. A world that is increasingly seeking combined, intuitive insights into human and technological skills. Within week of that conversation with my Ex Boss, I had my admission secured :-)

Was it as you expected it to be? If not, what was different?

I don’t think it is possible to set one’s expectations for Hyper Island. It’s a whole new ball game. You’d come here with a notion of some kind of learning institution but soon that is blown away. Every paradigm of learning you hold inside you will be shaken and rattled. Especially when you realise that the real learning actually rests entirely on your own shoulders. Hyper Island provides you with the right environment, mentoring and tools for that. And no two students are learning the same things.

After being halfway through the program, what are your main takeaways?

I learned that no single individual could actually tackle the rapidly emerging vast world of data. I learned that data without the right digestion and presentation is almost worthless. I learned that everyone could start learning about data, analysis and strategy with the plethora of resources available, most of which are free. I also learned that most people in the industry are not making the right time and effort to make the most of all the learning that is available. Which probably validates the Hyper Island belief that all the resources in the world can’t inspire you, if you are not in the midst of the right kind of people.

What has been the most exciting project at Hyper Island so far?

I think the client 1 module. In that we actually saw numbers in Google Analytics validating the power of storytelling for our client Acne Studios. We could actually see and measure the power of content, driving brand equity.

What have been you biggest learning here?

My biggest learning here has been “learning to learn”. It is unbelievable how much help it is possible to get just by reaching out, forming the right network and giving whatever support one can to others. People are more generous than we credit them to be.

What is your plan after Hyper Island?

I fully intend to augment my 17 years of business experience with the “new found me” and the knowledge base acquired. Also, whichever team I work with henceforth, I will try and use the Hyper Island way of learning dissemination, because the transformation that is coming will not be led by a few so called “experts”, but individuals from all walks of life who will embrace and engage in the change.

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