Meet our team: Jenny Theolin.

We're excited to introduce you to Jenny Theolin, Programme Leader for our Part-time MA Digital Media Management Programme. We asked her some questions about her insights and experiences, here's what she shared...

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Hey Jenny, could you tell us a little bit about you?

Hello, my name is Jenny Theolin. I’m a creative director, producer and educator specialising in the visual arts, music and culture.

I head up Studio Theolin (formerly known as Soapbox & Sons), an agency specialising in brand and experience, with curation thrown into the mix, and I teach, lecture and collaborate with international schools and universities. I'm currently running the MA Digital Media Management program here at Hyper Island, and I work ongoing with Berghs School of Communication.

I am also a member of the Design Sweden board, where I recently launched its complete rebrand alongside a fantastic project team. Design Sweden is an organisation dedicated to Sweden’s designers. An independent practitioner’s organisation founded in 1957 by members, for members. And we're planning much disruptive fun in 2016!

I speak at various talks, events and conferences and am an active writer. Recently I spoke at the launch of She Says in Stockholm, I've debated on BBC Radio, been filmed for BBC News, written opinions for Design Week and Creative Bloq – and covered creative events for Digital Arts Magazine. I'm also published in CITIx60 Stockholm, David Airey’s book Work For Money, Design For Love and soon to be in Steven Brower’s Inside Art Direction published this winter.

Last year, I also launched the global Notworking™ event Glug in Stockholm, I represented the country tweeting as @Sweden, as well as co-created one of the largest typeface-inspired graphic design exhibitions in the world, Comic Sans for Cancer.

What excites you about the Hyper Island Part-Time MA?

At Hyper Island I have had the privilege to be working as an industry leader, guest lecturer and programme manager. Being programme lead for the MA, in particular, really excites me because it inspires change from the inside. It’s working in the core of the industry and we can see the results in real-time in the real world as we go along. The breadth of the programme also allowed a plethora of industry guest speakers and a variety of content. This is great, as the industry is forever changing, and acquiring this type of knowledge is essential to change with it. I love designing this learning experience, and especially the curation of collaborators involved to make it as good as it can be.

What's the most inspiring thing you've seen this year?

Wow. This is a tough question. Well, it’s only been a few days, so I will stretch it to 2015. The most inspiring thing I have seen in the past year is the tenacity and energy in my new co-workers at Hyper Island, my new collaborators (and supporters of) Studio Theolin, and my students (of course!). Without these infectious personalities and inspiring people, I would not be as productive, let alone any successful.

What would be your message to future Hyper Island students?

What are you waiting for? If you are hungry to learn, adapt and shape the world we are living in, there is really no reason not to join Hyper Island. I am blessed to work here, and not only do I truly believe in the Hyper Island values, I work with many of them already. It’s also amazing to see how this network influences business and inspires the creative industries. Go go go.

What are you looking forward to this year?

This year, I am continuing my work with Hyper Island, Berghs and Design Sweden, as well as creating and designing exhibitions and brand identities. I really look forward to see how the MA develops and how the students progress. Outside of education, I can’t wait to continue the work with Design Sweden and our multiple Studio Theolin projects.

About the part-time MA Programme.

Hyper Island’s MA in Digital Media Management offers an immersive learning experience delivered by some of the world’s most innovative leaders and pioneers. The programme combines a broad range of topics, including digital technology, business transformation, strategy, service design and research methods with real world application, developing the leaders of the future.

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