Marcus Collins: Cultural Contagion is the New “Going Viral”

Detroit-based social media guru Marcus Collins (SVP of Social Engagement at Doner Advertising) came to Hyper Island Stockholm on February 27 to share why "going viral" is nothing compared to Cultural Contagion.

He writes: "In today's connected world, the allure of "going viral" continues to seduce marketers into investing significant time and resources toward the creation of content -- videos, memes, tweets, posts, etc. -- that spread. There is seemingly no shortage of brands, business owners, or storytellers who covet the opportunity to trend on Twitter, rack up 1 million+ views on Youtube, or garner thousands of Facebook likes.

Marketers then use these metrics of social-chatter as a proxy for success with the inclination that virality leads to reach and reach implies potential business impact. And though there are great benefits to "going viral," there is something far greater and much more tangible to business outcomes that these marketers should consider...that is, Cultural Contagion."

Here is a video of Marcus Collins presenting Cultural Contagion at Brand Camp University:

Here he is again, this time at Social Media Week:

Read all about creating Cultural Contagion: "Why Now" & "How" on Slideshare

The audience takeaways from Marcus Collins' talk at Hyper Island Stockholm were:
- Reframe the benefits of "going viral" and provide an alternative aim
- Explore the impact of culture on consumer behavior
- An actionable framework that enables marketers to create ideas/messages/ products/content that not only spread but also take hold in culture.

Marcus Collins is a guest speaker at Hyper Island Stockholm. He helps run Social Media Marketing Course, a 3-day intensive course for you to learn how to drive interactions and engagement in your social media channels.

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