JWT: Filling out the time sheet is mandatory

Gustavo Soares from JWT attended a Hyper Island Master Class in the summer of 2011. Here’s Gustavo’s first hand account on what happened and how the idea came about.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDbiyWlKhlM “It changed my approach not only towards digital thinking, but in the way to look at communication challenges – hence the attached project, which I have developed for JWT and Casa (the company’s digital agency)."

Our creative technologist approached me after my HI experience and asked me whether we had covered Arduinos. “Briefly,” I replied, with which he dragged me into this crazy technology that enables computers to interact with things like doors, cars, and even fridges.

We made a sealed up, electronic fridge that gives out its contents (beer) only after all employees have filled out their TimeSheets. Just the proposition made our board of directors excited, the Time Sheet being an Achilles Heel of HR in every big organization in the world.

Today, this project is spreading throughout our other JWT offices around the globe. Everyone loves the buzz it generates, and also the interaction people create with it. There is peer pressure about filling out your hours and enabling everyone else in your office to drink; there’s a salute with cold, free beer every Friday evening. We have received emails asking for the code and about the “hacking” of the fridge from countries as far as Sweden, and have been viewed and liked by over 10,000 people in just 2 weeks after posting the video on the internet.“