Join our upcoming events at Hyper Island Sweden!

Check out our upcoming events at Hyper Island during the Spring of 2017!

Admissions for our 2017 programs at Hyper Island in Sweden are open! We want to make sure you receive all the support you need in time for you to complete your application. There’s a number of ways for you to connect to our admissions team during the coming months and we’ve scheduled some exciting events for you to meet us and learn more about Hyper Island.

Not in Sweden? Did you know that if you can’t make it to one of our events or aren’t living in Sweden, you can request a ticket to our livestream and take part from wherever you are!

Upcoming events

We kick off the season with our Open House in Stockholm on February 9th. Join this information session about Hyper Island to learn about our upcoming programs, receive valuable information and ask us anything you want. Get your ticket here! This event was a success, yay!

Interested in Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and/or Strategy? Make sure to join our Information Session about the Digital Data Strategist fulltime program. We'll tell you everything you need to know! Get your ticket here!

With our Creative Task Workshop on March 1st, we want to help you kickstart your work on this year’s task! We will help you out with some cool idea-generating methods to get you started. Get your ticket here!

Come and listen to what our students have to say about Hyper Island! Join our interactive Panel Discussion on March 14th, to ask our students all of your burning questions. Get your ticket here!

Study in the South of Sweden - come to our Open House in Karlskrona on March 21st. Join this information session about Hyper Island to learn about the upcoming Motion Creative 2 year program in Karlskrona. Get your ticket here!

Anything unclear? If you have any questions, please contact Jack Morgan, [email protected]