Social media guru Marcus Collins in Stockholm

The allure of going viral continues to seduce marketers and idea-generators into investing significant time and resources toward the creation of content – videos, memes, tweets, posts – that spreads. Come and learn more about the art of engagement from social media guru Marcus Collins at Hyper Island on February 27th.

There is no shortage of brands, business owners, or storytellers who dream of having their ideas trend on Twitter, get 1 million+ views on YouTube, or attract thousands of Facebook likes. Metrics of social-chatter are then used as a proxy for success with the inclination that going viral leads to reach and reach implies potential action. Though there are benefits to “going viral,” one must wonder if going viral is truly what we’re after or if perhaps there is something far greater worth pursuing.

Thanks, then, to Marcus Collins (@marctothec) for providing leadership and inspiration in this area. He is SVP, Head of Social Engagement at Doner Advertising, “an 80-years-young global micro-network of creatively-driven, performance-minded offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, London, and Cleveland”. What’s more, he is a professor, TEDx and Cannes Lions speaker.

Marcus Collins is one of the guest facilitators of the upcoming Social Media Marketing course here in Stockholm (places are filling up fast so don't sleep on this one).

Did we mention that he has worked on Beyoncé's social media strategy? That’s right. Among other things, he planned and executed the exclusive digital launch of Beyoncé’s music video, “Why Don’t You Love Me,” resulting in 1.5 million views in the first 30 hours of release. He also led email and social media marketing for the company's launch of the singer's Heat perfume, which resulted in around 72,000 units sold in the first hour of launch and USD 3 million in first-month sales.

Marcus describes himself as a culturally curious thinker with an affinity for understanding the cognitive drivers and environmental factors that impact our behavior and socially connect us all.

Also, read our Q&A with Marcus from October 2017: People don’t buy ‘what’ you do, they buy ‘why’ you do it

Marcus Collins on "People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It" Where: Hyper Island, Telefonvägen 30, 4th Floor, Hägersten, Stockholm When: February 27th, 18.30 CET. Free entry. Sign up below!


Sara Öhman will host the event and interview Marcus after his talk. Sara is a freelance consultant in digital marketing focusing on driving and converting traffic. Marcus and Sara are currently putting the final touches to Social Media Marketing, a short course at Hyper Island that runs from Stockholm February 28th - March 2nd. Limited places available.