Hyper Island student’s campaign wins acclaim at the Clio and Facebook Studio Awards

A Hyper Island student’s campaign aimed at raising discussions around gun-violence in Puerto Rico has won a Clio award and been shortlisted for the Facebook Studio Awards, alongside campaigns from agency’s including AKQA, Weiden + Kennedy & Droga5

Warren Velázquez is a current student on Hyper Island’s MA Digital Media Management course at our UK school in Manchester. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Warren set up Byte Feed Media with 3 other partners in January 2012, through this he was hired by a larger agency, Tere Suárez, to manage their Digital Department. Working for them as a digital creative and strategist, Warren came up with the original concept to bring a traditional print and television campaign to life online, and then oversaw its production.

“Not One Bullet More” was designed to engage the Puerto Rican public into sharing and spreading the message against shooting guns to the air on New Years Eve, an action that had resulted in multiple injuries and deaths by stray bullets during the previous years.

Warren told us ; “This has been an important issue in my homeland as far as I can remember, This time I could do something about it. The agency Tere Suárez gave me the opportunity to create a social media strategy capable of spreading the message with a limited budget, while bringing our people together creating a sense of community.”

In less than 2 weeks the project had 33000 fans, the public had created 118,712 stories, which reached 36% of Facebook users in Puerto Rico and over 1 million unique users worldwide. The campaign reached Puerto Rican citizens living across the world, Public figures like TV and radio broadcasters were sharing their stories alongside ordinary citizens of all ages. The campaign had such an impact they even received confidential messages from page users reporting nearby shootings.

Warren wanted to create an application where people could upload their own personal video message exhorting people to not shoot to the air during the coming New Year’s Eve. People had the opportunity of sharing their or anyone else’s message with other Facebook friends.

In app, the Puerto Rican flag was presented stained with blood, each time people shared a video uploaded via the app a pixel of blood was removed. This sharing of messages “rescued” the flag and brought it back to its true colors. It became an instant success, with the videos and messages supporting the cause going viral, restoring the flag to its original form by New Year’s Eve.

“The success of “Not One Bullet More” is without doubt my greatest pride to date. We received the support from the Facebook community, therefore the message was spread beyond our expectations. When you have a brief like that on your hands and just focus on doing social good instead of searching for the award winning idea, only good things can come back to you. We ended up on Facebook Studio Awards shortlist out of hundreds of participants, and I am happy to say this was our first international awards submission.”

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