Hyper Island NYC: Toolbox Series - Being a Good Boss

Whether you are new to managing people or are looking for some new tools to add to your manager tool kit, learn more about team dynamics, coaching skills, accountability, personal role-modeling, getting things done and what the research says about why people follow leaders.

This is for anyone interested in learning how to work and manage people, to hold them accountable and to create positive work cultures.


Learn dynamic management/coaching strategies that hold your team accountable to their work and each other Strategies for being organized and organizing the team you lead Learn what the research about consistency, stress management, and positive framing



6:00 PM: Registration + Mingle
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM: Workshop!


With over 15 years of people management experience, Hannah Dubin brings her deep understanding of human learning and team dynamics to her work. Hannah offers consulting services in training, facilitation and leadership development that focus on achieving organizational success, team alignment, human centered design and meaningful group learning experiences. Hannah has been referred to as the “swiss army knife of facilitation” —no matter what the situation, she’s got the perfect activity ready to help move a group forward.

In her full-time career positions, Hannah served as the Director of Leadership at Me to We, a global social enterprise focused on knowledge and skill empowerment, as well as multiple senior level roles in for-profit, non-profit and other social good projects. In her academic background, she studied recreation management at Acadia University and optimal learning environments at the University of Waterloo for her graduate work. What’s Hannah like as a facilitator and trainer? You can expect her to bring her facilitative leadership style to the role of trainer, along with her interest in both academic rigor and practical practice based skills training to the sessions she runs.

The Hyper Island Toolbox Series is part of a new series launched to help individuals gain resources to do things more creatively and collaboratively. Take home valuable tools for work and life to help you stay competitive and future proof your career with a collection of methods and activities, based on Hyper Island’s methodology, that you can start using today.

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