Hyper Island Future Breakfast - Stockholm

What an amazing time we live in! Many of us will be the only generation to grow up without the Internet, but the first to experience artificial intelligence smarter than ourselves. In short, we are at a breaking point of history where digital is reshaping businesses and thus changing human behaviour. We invite you to come explore the future with us over breakfast on March 28th.

Join this Hyper Island Future Breakfast seminar, March 28th, and explore just how much technology is changing the world. Running the session is Stefan Wendin, a long time Hyper Island collaborator, thought leader and global speaker, who will be your guide in this 1 hour interactive session devoted to exploring the future.

This session is tailored to you who work within strategy, marketing, business development or in a leadership position and want to increase your understanding of the effects of the digital revolution.

We encourage you to bring your co-worker, boss or collaborator and together develop the path for your business.

We will also share more about Hyper Island and how you can interact with us, so please join if you are curious to learn about our programs and courses.


07.30 - 08.00 Breakfast is served
08.00 - 09.00 Hyper Island Future Breakfast interactive speaker session with Stefan Wendin
Location: The Park, Sveavägen 98

If you can’t make it to the breakfast but want to learn more about Hyper Island, don’t hesitate to contact Sophie Wesslau at sophie.wesslau@hyperisland.com

About Stefan Wendin:

Stefan Wendin is a Thought Leader, Global Speaker & Universal Troublemaker, founder and partner Co:LabX and a primal force when it comes creativity and innovation. His diverse background gives a broad perspective and unexpected angles which both generate new thinking and solutions.