Hyper Island at Almedalen

Almedalen, the annual meet-up for Swedish politicians, though leaders and influencers in the sunny town of Visby on the island of Gotland, Sweden, is coming to an end. We've been there; attending inspiring seminars and events, meeting engaging people; sharing, reflecting and learning.

From education, entrepreneurship and innovation, to communication, digitalization and globalization - it has been a week of cross-industry sharing and multi-perspectual discussions. Read more about Almedalen on Wikipedia and check out the Almedalen Twitter Liveboard.

As part of wrapping up and reflecting on what's been said, heard, seen and done, we asked some of the people that's been the highlights of our Almedalen experience to share their own main takeaways.

Watch our mini documentary series "HI Almedalen" below, introduced here by Erika Petersson:

Joakim Jardenberg, @jocke
CEO of Mindpark. Internaut and netizen. Senior advisor. Business angel. Speaker at Hyper Island. http://jardenberg.se/joakim

Marlena Batist, @MarlenaBatist
Entrepreneur, globetrotter, ex single-tracked careerist, seeker, thinker, energy-maker.. 100LAX changed me. Sharing it here. http://passionforbusiness.se/intothewild

Måns Adler, @Manster
Chaos-Pilot. Founder of Bambuser.com. Believes in people. Adler@bambuser.com http://bambuser.com

Ola Möller, @olamoller
Co-founder of @idsoc and @projectofhow. Hyper Island alumni. http://ideasociety.com

Anton Johansson, @agaton
Web entrepreneur, blogger (fyranyanser.se) & speaker. Head of Marketing & Product Owner at Twingly. Co-founder @headlerse. Co-Initiator @tedxalmedalen. http://antonjohansson.se

Emanuel Karlsten, <a href="http://twitter.com/emanuelkarlsten" target="
Journalist. Speaker and consultant. Columnist writer at Swedish national daily Dagens Nyheter. Cofounder of http://ajour.se. http://emanuelkarlsten.se

Brit Stakston, @britstakston
Author. Media strategist at JMW Communications. http://www.jmw.se/author/brit

Johan Lange, @JohanLange
Spreading sustainable leadership through the LUCK concept as speaker, writer, coach and trainer in Sweden & abroad. http://langecom.wordpress.com

Fredrik Wass, @bisonblog
Journalist and blogger. Can be seen at bisonblog.se, @maktministeriet. Contributor at makthavare. http://www.bisonblog.se

Where you also there? Please share your highlights with us. Not there? Feel free to share anyways. Use fields below, or get in touch at erika.petersson@hyperisland.com or sveinung.skaalnes@hyperisland.com