Improving the User Experience of Europe’s most viral and exciting Mobile App – Hannah Schneider

What do Hyper Island students do when they discover a new app, love its features but feel they can be improved? They contact the maker of the app to offer some advice, which is exactly what we did in the case of our 24h Dubsmash challenge.

Built by three founders in Berlin over one weekend, the Dubsmash mobile app is currently going viral in the whole of Europe and currently holds the first place in the German iTunes download charts. We (Hannah Schneider, Laïla von Alvensleben & Tabea Bork, studying the Digital Media Management MA Programme in Manchester) had the opportunity to help with further developing the app.

This is what it looks like when three Hyper Island students work 24 hours on improving the user experience of a mobile app:

Giving a new perspective to Start-Ups

In our first meeting with Jonas & Daniel, the founders from Dubsmash, we quickly realised that they have a strong technology perspective on their product. As Hyper Island students, we felt we could bring our knowledge about user experience and design to the team. We focused on gaining user insights and developing a strategic concept for the user experience, as well as recommendations for the interface design. They appreciated our fresh thinking and different perspective, and it was great to see that they really valued our workforce.

How time constraints can help you work more effectively

As we only had 24 hours from briefing to delivery, we needed to speed up our process. Basically, we ran a whole project in the typical Hyper Island style – from user interviews to insights, research, analysis, ideation, prototyping, and recommendation. We never felt so effective during 24 hours and we were a bit surprised by our own quality and quantity of results. This also shows how much we learnt during our six months at Hyper and how fast, fluent and creative we approach problem solving now, making use of the methods and tools Hyper Island taught us.

The Outcome

As the app is still in a stage of development, the timing for our intervention was really good. We got a broad opportunity for being creative and the chance to work on an existing product. In exchange, Dubsmash got insights, tips, recommendations, inspiration and ideas all packaged in a 35 slide deck presentation and two video clips.

Their feedback on our work was positive and enthusiastic.

“Thank you very much for your great work in the last 24h. We really appreciate your findings and suggestions. We are sure, that it will influence the further development of Dubsmash.” – Jonas & Daniel, Founders of Dubsmash.

We highly enjoyed working with a startup like Dubsmash and it makes us smile to know that our solutions will be seen by millions of users all around Europe. Thank you Hyper Island and Dubsmash for this great opportunity!

Hannah, Laïla and Tabea are students on our Digital Media Management MA Programme at our Manchester school. For more information about this course, click here.