How can Digital Technology change the future of HR and our workplace?

What does the future of the SME workplace look like? And, how will employees engage with their employers in the future?

Workplace environments are a daily experience for most of us, good or bad, they shape how we feel on a daily basis. It’s why it’s crucial that businesses have processes in place that ensure employees and teams feel appreciated, empowered and above all, happy.

##How can Digital Technology change the way things happen in our workplace?

We had thirty MA Postgraduate students research this very question for our industry partner, BrightHR.

We explored how Digital Technology would disrupt healthcare, and the housing system in our last blogs, and as part of this year’s industry brief, they presented a 10 year journey for their Digital Technology module that explored the future of HR. Their brief encompassed the changes to technology and society that BrightHR’s service would need to respond to.

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##About BrightHR BrightHR is a HR cloud software company, blazing a trail for brilliant workplace cultures. It understands that it pays to play (check out their Twitter to hear about their workplace culture). As such, it provides businesses with the tools to become part of this cultural shift. They’re a relatively new company, established in 2015 they are here to ignite a fire in the HR industry and inject businesses with tools to transform their teams and more importantly, their thinking.

The students were coached throughout their brief by industry practitioner, Mike Ryan. He’s an entrepreneur and digital futurist who helps organisations such as the BBC understand the impact of future technology on their business. He was also recently featured in the Guardian, where he explained why we will need to live with less.

##Want to explore the future of HR? Here are two student videos.

(We recorded the student presentations, and can share them with you for complete insight into the future of HR. Just email to receive access.)

Bright Minds (password - hyperisland)

BrightHR Worklife

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