Google, IPA and Hyper Island join forces in Squared

Squared is an education initiative, led by Google in partnership with trade organisation IPA and Hyper Island. Squared empowers future leaders from some of the best global media and creative agencies to explore the opportunities offered by emerging technologies, turning “the graduates of today into the brilliant digital leaders of tomorrow”.

In beginning of 2012, a pilot of Squared was launched, where around one hundred young talents from agencies across UK participated in seminars, workshops and projects focusing on the digital landscape.

Now, another round of Squared has just kicked off – make sure to join them and us on google+ and learn more about digital trends, tools, and leadership you too.

Want to find out more about Hyper Islands tailored executive partnerships?. Check out what we've done with others and see how we can tailor a learning journey to fit your needs at our executive program section.

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