Future Mapping is Much More Than Projections and Post-it Notes

"Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again," writes tech journalist Graeme Wood and we couldn’t agree more. New technologies are transforming industries and many organizations struggle to remain relevant. Future Mapping is one way.

#What will tomorrow look like?

The wave of new technologies disrupting, reimagining and reshaping many aspects of our lives can seem a little overwhelming. How will the next generation of innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Automation, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Machine Learning, 5G Mobile Networks, and Virtual Reality impact you and your business? In short, no-one really knows. The most important thing, therefore, is to make sure you are prepared.

#Try Future Mapping

The purpose of Future Mapping is to create a shared view (a map) of industry trends in the recent past, the present, and also the future (hence the name). During the Part-Time MA in Digital Management at Hyper Island, we run Future Mapping workshops in which participants discuss key trends from the past year, the current year, and up to three years ahead. They then review the map, identify patterns and discuss the relevance of different trends.

#How Future Mapping prepares you

Future Mapping at Hyper Island is useful for supporting discussion and debate around high-level themes: society, technology, politics. But, how does it work?

  1. We take a block of Post-It notes, a pen, and a room with an empty wall.

  2. We then divide the wall roughly into five equal sections. At the top of each section, we write Last Year, This Year, and Next Year – up to three years in the future. After giving Hyper Island students time to discuss, we group everyone in front of the wall.

  3. We ask the students to look at the Post-It notes on the wall and look for patterns and common themes in each year. If time allows, create subgroups and give them about ten minutes to sort the trends under each year and prepare a summary of the key patterns.

  4. We then discuss as a group the following:

Which trends are most important for myself and us to be aware of and learning more about?How do I feel about the past, present, and future?What does this mean for our team? Our company? Our industry? And my own role?

Discover the full list of steps we use for Future Mapping at Hyper Island in the Toolbox.

#Why is Future Mapping useful?

We run Future Mapping workshops all over the world – with our students of the Part-Time MA in Digital Management all the way through our spectrum of learners to companies and organizations that want in-house support.

#Prepare yourself for tomorrow at Hyper Island

Stay ahead of the curve of future trends and technology with our Part-Time MA in Digital Management. You will learn to drive innovation, lead teams and understand new technology like FinTech and Smart Cities.

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