Find new global talent with our scholarship opportunities!

Did you know its possible to design scholarships with Hyper Island? A scholarship is a smart way to build relations with future talent, and strengthen your brand within or outside your current network and industry.

The best of all, our scholarships can be designed according to your needs, wants and financials*.

To learn more, get in touch at communications@hyperisland.com. We’ve just opened our applications to students applying for programs starting fall 2013.

  • Please note that we only support a limited number of scholarship partners each year.

How it works
- Possible to partly or fully finance one or more student seats
- Support seats within one or more programs, or seats for one or more Hyper Island learning hubs.
- Specific group of talents you want to reach or support? Choose from targeting talent from all over the world, or tailor make your scholarship targeting certain geographies or nationalities, minorities or other demographics of your choice.

Some examples of what a Hyper Island scholarship partner can get
- Access to future global talent
- Possibility to manifest your brand within a certain or a wider community through joint marketing, PR and event opportunities
- Access to the Hyper Island network
- Hyper Island speaker and learning partner opportunities

Example of what it could look like During 2011 and 2012, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (GSP) was scholarship partner to Hyper Island where we together took the fight for bringing more diversity to the communications industry.

The GSP scholarships have supported two Afro-american students’ tuition fees and accommodations in Sweden for one year respectively 1,5 years at the Interactive Art Director and the Digital Data Strategist programs.

Check out our video at Vimeo with one of the scholarship beneficiaries Antonio Ceballos A thoughtful conversation


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