Exploring AI & Ethics - Hyper Island Studio Event

Join us for an evening at R/GA’s offices where we will be exploring the future of AI and how we might consider designing technology through an ethical lens.

Artificial Intelligence is truly upon us. We’re at the tip of the iceberg, with so many new scenarios yet to come. Whether you find the idea broadly terrifying or exciting, one thing feels important; given the new aspects humanity will take on in this future, and the very real impact it’s likely to have on our lives and interactions with each other, it feels pertinent to start to prepare ourselves for it, not just technologically, but mentally, emotionally and from a broader societal view. As both designers of and users of this future.

We’ll hear from R/GA and Lloyds Bank about how this space is affecting their work and approach, then we’ll roll up our proverbial sleeves and get stuck into a workshop to explore some possible futures and test out an ethical decision making framework on them. It’ll be energetic, experimental and fun :)

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