Digital Media Management Crew Six: Meet the Students

This year we welcomed students from over 20 global destinations to our Manchester school.

We started Hyper Island in Manchester in 2011. Since then, we’ve welcomed over 200 students from around the world that have gone on to lead change in their environments. While some have created startups that challenge the industry norm, such as Wordeo, others work to build social impact within their city, like Amity. Our alumni consists of rule-breakers, such as Mathieu, who redesigned the most popular mapping service to empower the visually impaired, to Laila, who challenges the office culture by exploring the lives of digital nomads. We have creative directors and recently, an upcoming Ted speaker, who will be inspiring communities with her experiences.

All of them share one thing in common; they were part of our Digital Media Management MA Programme in Manchester. The MA, led by Tash Wilcocks, prepares students to be a new kind of leader that works across disciplines, thriving on change and bringing out the best in their team. It’s designed and delivered in partnership with the global digital industry, giving students a learning environment where there is an international mix of students. Students learn from a cutting edge curriculum that is highly relevant to all industries, and delivered by professionals and academics at the forefront of their field.

This year, we welcomed Digital Media Management Crew Six. Ready to meet them?

Yuna, Maria, Trishal and Andrei.


Yoona Cho | South Korea

Before Hyper Island, Yoona was a Digital Project Manager at an advertising agency. We asked her what change she wanted to create “I wanted to find back my forgotten dream - build a company where creators can sustain their passion and originality.”

Maria Rakitzoglou | Greece

All the way from Greece, Maria graduated from college looking for a unique experience that would help her create change in her life. “I really felt that Hyper Island was a great opportunity to understand my potential and myself.”

Trishal Ghelani | Singapore

Trishal recently graduated from university and in between working on her startup and travelling, she explored life while gathering weird and wonderful experiences. “I came to Hyper because I wanted to change my tomorrow by changing my today.”

Andrei Maxwel Mulbauer | Brazil

Andrei founded his web development agency in Brazil, where he managed the internal team in planning and developing websites, e-commerce and web applications alongside the clients. “I want to push myself to the next level. Challenge myself, question dogmas, develop a different mindset that helps me create innovative ideas and learn new ways of building and leading effective teams.”

Ed, Halvdan, Mauro and Bryndis.


Ed Davies | UK

Ed worked in finance for many years, but always had a deep craving to do something creative in his career. “I needed a drastic change and I saw Hyper Island as a way to open a door to an industry that had seemed impenetrable.”

Halvdan Lind Høverstad | Norway

Before Hyper Island, Halvdan was a creative director at an advertising agency. We asked him what led him to Manchester “I came to Hyper Island to evolve my skills and become kick-ass!” We’ll keep you updated on his kung-fu progress.

Mauro Papuzza | Italy

Mauro came to Hyper Island having worked in the filmmaking and digital industry. “I was saving the world from bad cinematic storytelling, which apparently I didn't. But I reached a stage where I needed a major turning point in my life.”

Bryndis Einarsdottir | Iceland

Prior to joining us, Bryndis worked as a database organiser for a film production company in Iceland named Truenorth. “One month before going to Hyper Island I was on vacation in South-Africa. That's where I made the final decision to come here. So, I had one month back home in Iceland and before I knew it I was off to Manchester. I had been looking at every university on the globe and this one just always reached out to me and was the one I was most excited about. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and break out of my previous educational journey, engineering and business. I'm very interested in how people interact and in group dynamics and I want to be inspired.”

Caio, Sophie, Daniel and Angeliki.


Caio Felipe | Brazil

Caio was creating, developing and delivering meaningful insights to his industry clients based on best practices of big data. “I really want to increase my knowledge across different methods, be able to break any barrier that I might face to build, design and implement awesome ideas. I want to become the best version of what I can be as a professional.”

Sophie Ashcroft | UK

After finishing art school, Sophie travelled to Paris and Italy. While working as a nanny, she organised meetups with creatives along the way. She joined Hyper Island to kick-start her career in a digital industry “I felt like I needed to continue to challenge myself and to grow. I knew Hyper Island was going to be different and to help me become 'real world ready.' This is what I expected, but I think I underestimated how much it would change me in terms of transforming my confidence. I needed a change for many reasons; Hyper Island was the best type of change.”

Daniel Stark | Sweden |

“Before Hyper Island I was aimlessly co-managing the fruit & vegetables section in a supermarket in Stockholm. I wanted to do something for me and not something that was expected of me. I wanted to explore my potential and be able to look back one day and say: "Well done.”

Angeliki Kokkini | Greece |

Angeliki was studying Marketing & Communications before she came to Hyper Island. She welcomed the advice given to her at University to consider Hyper Island “I made the choice after my career service advised that this was the hottest thing for my next step.”

Chris, Marionne, Qing Qing and Virginie.


Chris Collard | Switzerland

Prior to Hyper Island, Chris worked as a Project Manager at a digital agency in Switzerland. “I want to expand my horizon, grow on a personal and professional level and be part of something awesome!”

Marionne Lugay | Canada

Marionne worked at a small digital transformation agency in Vancouver, BC. “I came to Hyper Island because I wanted to have a non-traditional education experience, learn from the best in the industry and develop a strong network.”

Qing Qing Chen | China/USA

Qing Qing was Managing Director of JOYN: VISCOM, a creative agency based in Beijing where she spearheaded the overhaul of company culture and policy to promote team development and more effective communication. Clients included Nike, Adidas, China World Mall, Shanghai Xintiandi, and Hempel Group. “I came to Hyper Island to turn myself inside out and see the world and myself from a different angle. I want to be better, faster, stronger, but also lighter, nicer, rarer. My dream is to help others and change systems for the better (esp in China). Hyper Island is a safe house for players who are game for disruptions, and seek to create beauty in chaos.”

Virginie Hurmane | France

Virginie was a project manager for a carrier in France before she joined Hyper Island. “For me it’s a chance to give my career another direction with more creativity!”

Rita, Sara, Wanda, Thea


Rita Cervetto | Peru

Rita was living in Dubai working as a senior creative at Dentsu. “I wanted to fall in love with what I do again.”

Sara Andersson | Sweden

Before Hyper, Sara worked in a public relations agency as a Communications Manager. She also worked on art projects in her spare time. “Working with artists from all over the world makes you see things with new perspectives. I think Street Art is the form that I always found the most inspiring; it gives a city its soul.” Speaking of Hyper Island, she says, “I applied to Hyper Island to explore creativity and learn more digital technology. I love a good challenge and I’m very passionate about gender equality and digital/social innovation, so I'm going to blend those and make cool stuff!”

Wanda Rossi | Germany

Before coming to Hyper Island, Wanda was a creative strategist and consultant based in Berlin.

Thea Sommerseth Myhren | Norway

Thea designed her bachelor's degree so she could study and work on different projects and NGO´s as a part of contextual global learning journey. Speaking about her journey to Hyper Island “I wanted to explore my creativity, learn new tools and find my channel so I can make a difference.”

Dominic, Karolina, Jorge, Dmitry


Dominic White | UK

Dominic worked mostly with charities on web and graphic design in Manchester and the UK. As he puts it, he had the best job title he thinks he’ll ever have with ‘Innovation Lead’ while working at a charity in Manchester. Here, he helped teenagers try to develop their leadership skills and increase their capacity for activism. “I want to democratise everything. Business, politics, design, industry, non-profits and charities, sports, television, film, everything! I think democracy is the best form of organising humans generally, not just politically, for a whole load of reasons. I feel the more of it we have across the world in loads of different arenas the better off we all are. Projects like Loomio inspire me. It's a simple digital tool to enact democracy in ordinary workplaces or orthodox managerial spaces. So, I'm here to learn how to build that kind of thing, how to promote it and communicate brilliantly, and meet amazing people and get them on board!”

Karolina Andersson | Sweden

She’s worked as a journalist, photographer, project manager and editor. After graduating from university last summer, Karolina freelanced and worked on personal projects. She told us that she felt a little lost, but aspired to create change in her life… “I need a place to push myself and grow as a person. I think Hyper Island is the perfect facilitating environment for me because it pushes and supports you to live up to your potential.”

Jorge Luis Chumbiauca Allen | Peru

Before Hyper Island, Jorge was working as a project manager in an outsourcing company. He’s developed multiple mining and energy projects, and one day hopes to start his company “I want to start my company with my own digital projects. I strongly believe that there is a world for discover in the digital.”

Dmitry Zenin | Russia

Dmitry worked for DDB Russia working on diverse digital campaigns. Speaking about his reasons to come to Hyper Island, he says, “ I wanted to expand my skills and knowledge, and this was the right place.”

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About the MA Digital Media Management Programme

Hyper Island’s MA in Digital Media Management programme offers an immersive learning experience delivered by innovative digital leaders and pioneers. The programme combines a broad range of topics, including digital technology, business transformation, strategy, service design and research methods with real world application, developing the leaders of the future.

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