Digital Media Dom shortlisted for Milan Design Week

Last week, we wrote about Digital Media student Dominique Hernandez, who was shortlisted as the 100 best entries globally in the Heineken bottle design competition. Dom was shortlisted again among top 30 and will have his bottle design displayed at Milan Design Week.

Congrats again, how do you feel this time?

AMAZING! To be among the 30 best designs, out of a total of 2000 entries, is a good step for me to take in my new career. I am very proud that out of the finalists, three entries actually came from Sweden.

What was the most exciting thing about taking part in this project?

First of all, I would like to thank Morgenland, who gave all the competitors a great welcome to the project. And Heineken did an awesome job, especially with the whole competition process; it was quick and transparent, you could follow the process and see other participants' designs along the way.

How do you hope that the jury describes your design?

As I see it, like this:
"Dominique has implemented, without using any new graphical elements, a new design that tells the history and innovation of Heineken as we know it. From the shelf you can see this simple, white star, as a recognition of Heineken. But when you hold that cold beer in your hand, the new experience tells you that the star is nothing without the beer."

What are your plans for Milan?

Sadly, I will not be going to Milan to see my design as I am a student, money and side projects are hindering me. But I got in contact with a former Hyper Island student, hopefully he can get me a photo of the exhibition!

How many Heineken beers do you plan to drink within the next month?

The last month I have only been drinking Heineken no matter if I have been at bars or at home, just for the sake of it. As I like the brand and the beer, I will probably drink some more during the month to come!