Creative Task 2013

Today, 12/12/12, we release the Creative Task and open applications for our programs based in Sweden starting Fall 2013!

A Creative Task is so much more than just a visualized piece of design. Regardless of which program you apply for or what previous skills you have, we see potential everywhere and believe that creativity can appear in multiple ways. We want you to be bold and think without boundaries. We do not demand multimedia skills for all the programs we have here, but would love if you presented a solution that is connected to the programs you decide to apply for.

Just have fun and remember that there are no given answers at Hyper Island!

The Creative Task
Fear represents so much more than just fear. It can take us further than we thought we would ever go. Fear can push us to make big changes in our lives. And it can open doors we never knew existed and lead us to discover new things, people, places, ourselves, tools and ideas. Now we want to know how you perceive fear.

In what way would you uncover fear and tell the story in order to help yourself or someone else to overcome and challenge an existing fear?

Your solution can be either written and/or visualized as multimedia, but should be driven by digital technology, data and/or have a marketing/business focus.

Your solution could be, for instance but not limited to:
- A new way to help people overcome their fears
- A new way to learn more about fears in order to overcome or live with a fear
- A new way to feel safe
- A new way to change mindset around fear
- A collaborative tool to express yourself and your ideas on how to overcome and challenge an existing fear

- In English – a presentation of your idea/solution/concept
- To present your idea, you can make use of images, photographs, video, animation, music, sounds or text and typography or whatever you can come up with.
- You only create and upload ONE Creative Task, regardless of how many programs you apply for.
- Do not limit yourself, but remember that we have no more than 5 minutes to review each Creative Task.

Your work will be reviewed based on the following:
- Innovation, Feasibility and Originality
- Presentation and Effective Communication

Check out our programs and apply.