Congratulations Dom - finalist in Heineken design competition

We'd like to congratulate Digital Media student Dominique Hernandez, who made it to the finals in Heineken's Future Bottle Design Challenge, a global design competition where students from all over the world compete to create the design for Heineken's coming limited edition bottle. Dom's entry has been shortlisted to one of the top 100 entries - and he is hoping to get picked to the next rounds and be presented at the design fair in Milan, Italy.

Congrats, how do you feel?

Thank you and I think it is awesome! I love Heineken as a brand and well offcourse, as a beer.

Describe your concept!

Lets say that I told you to think of Carlsberg, or Spendrups: What pops up in your head? for me was the logotype. But when you think of Heineken you see the whole shebang, the bottle, logo and text. So i decided to reflect the brand by using their herritage. Their bottles.

How did you go about creating it?

Haha, yes. ok. I acually dreamt it. I got the brief as an email on my beloved Ipad that i keep next to the bed. Fell asleep for a quick powernap and half an hour later I woke up, got to my macbook and went to work at once!

What happens now?

Well just waiting for the answer if my design will be on the Milano design week or not! 30 out of 100 is a good chance.

Now, before I let you go, please share...
- three things that give you inspiration in your professional work
The challenge to alter old things, trends and innovative concepts!

- three cities where you could consider yourself working or studying in
Berlin, San fransisco, Barcelona (and Stockholm!)

-Three things you look forward to doing this summer
Get an Internship at an awesome agency (you know who you are!), Go to Bali and learn how to surf and build custom bikes!

Thanks, Dom, and fIngers crossed that you make it to Milan (to start with)!

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