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24 Hour Business Camp

Check out our Students Chloé Laisné, Rebekka Quiroz Wiberg and Alexander Venndt's idea for 24 Hour Business Camp 2012 - the spelling app

Mid June, around 90 web entrepreneurs and developers gathered in Stockholm to take part in this years 24 Hour Business Camp. Hyper Island students Chloé, Rebekka and Alexander came up with the spelling app and describe it as "an intriguing word game that lets you compete with yourself by spelling words on time". and more business ideas from the hack marathon can be found on the blog of Ted Valentin, founder of 24 Hour Business Camp. team members and contacts: Chloé Laisné, Concept & Development – @jagarchloe Rebekka Quiroz Wiberg Concept & Design – @donkeydraw Alexander Venndt Concept & Design – @avenndt


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