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Are you a thought leader in your field of work? Do you inspire — and get inspired by — your new ways of thinking, learning, innovating?

We are always looking to collaborate with inspiring speakers, facilitators, and workshop designers to bring and share their expertise with our people. Collaborating with us is an excellent way to meet our diverse and dynamic community from cutting edge digital native talents to experienced professionals.

Talk to us today and we will walk you through our selection process, designed to find the right education program and executive courses, client, or conference to match your passion, skills and experience.

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Hyper Island Collaboration Session

Collaborators are industry-leading professionals who speak, host seminars and lead workshops within Hyper Island programs and courses. They work with us on a freelance basis, working with projects where their expertise is relevant to the learning goals.

A bit about hyper island

One Hyper Island, two halves

There are two main parts: long-term educational Programs, and shorter, intensive Executive courses. The two halves work together making one, integrated Hyper Island.

Hubs around the world

Hyper Island is a global organization with its headquarters in Stockholm. We have hubs around the world in the UK, Singapore, the USA, and Brazil, and also work in many other countries.

Who we work with

We work with a wide range of clients and partners ranging from creative agencies, to television networks, to public agencies, to large global brands, and beyond.

The Hyper Island way - Our methodology

Learning by doing

We believe that the most powerful learning comes from experience. Experiential Learning is the process of learning new skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes, through hands-on and active reflection.

Learners lead

Hyper Island puts participants in charge of their own learning. By putting a strong emphasis on self-awareness, personal goal- setting and leadership, we challenge people to maximize their potential.

Team is everything

We believe in the creative power of teams. Understanding how groups develop over time, and having the skills to lead effective group development is increasingly relevant and valuable.

Collaborator onboarding



A first point of contact, via our website or an in-person encounter. You discover us and visa versa.

Get to know

You might call it a “dating” process. A meeting or several to get to know each other and discuss potential for working together.

Try it out

A “pilot” collaboration, where you might shadow a course or deliver a small session, to get a sense of how it works.


If it’s a match, then we continue working together over time. Some collaborators work regularly, others only rarely.


We strive to nurture our relationships with you as a collaborator – supporting you to develop and grow over time.

What's next

If you see yourself as a leader in your field and believe that your values and approach resonate with ours, then we would love to hear from you. Take some time to fill in the form below, to tell us about yourself and share a few samples (video, slides, writing) that give us a sense of your work, personality and communication style.

Some of our speakers