Design for the User

How might you create value for your users on your website? Is your website designed for the ones using it? With a background in coding the students will deep dive into how design impacts the user and get a deeper understanding of your user journey. By participating as Learning Partner in this project you can expect a prototype on how to take your website to the next level. 


About this project

In “Design for the User” the students will explore how digital products influence every aspect of our lives. This project will give you a broader understanding of how design affects your business and your clients. The students will follow the user journey and learn to problem solve when designing sustainable interactive systems. 

In this project the students will broaden the spectrum of knowledge of your user. They will practice to listen for certain keys in a client’s story and also get a good grip of underlying biases for decision making in connection to design. At the end of this project the students will deliver a draft design, code and a prototype for your website. 

This is how it works

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    All full-time programs in Stockholm and Karlskrona are divided into several projects, and in some of the projects, the students work with real clients on real briefs. The learning objectives, topics, length and start dates vary between the different projects. Find the project that matches your organization’s needs, and follow the steps to apply to become a Learning Partner.

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    We will review your brief to make sure it meets the needs of the student learning experience and is aligned with the program objectives and learning outcomes of the specific project.

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    If your brief is chosen we’ll set you up so you are ready till when you start collaborating with the group of students, which could be anywhere from a team of 4-7 students all the way to our cross-program briefs with over 200 students.

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    During the project, your main contact is the student group. You will collaborate with them as you would with a creative agency; having meetings, check-ins, workshops and preparing the needed data and insights from your organization. A typical project span 4-8 weeks.

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    The desired outcome and expected delivery differ between the different projects. For example, it could be a creative concept, a strategy, a mockup, a prototype, an analysis or a workshop or the outcomes of a design sprint.

Apply here

Apply to be part of this project

To ensure the quality of the students’ education we collaborate iteratively. Once submitted, we will review your brief and get back to you with feedback. We will base your application on becoming a Learning Partner on the form below, so please submit all relevant information at once.

Main Partnerships

Does your company want to take part in really shaping the future of your industry? And at the same time contribute to top quality education for future talent while working continuously connected to one of our programs and it’s students?

Volvo is doing this, and here is part of their journey so far,

Volvo Group Partners with Hyper Island as a Main Sponsor for the program Business Developer. The collaboration started with Volvo Group Connected Solutions running a UX project with a group of students and organizing a very successful Volvo x Hyper Island Hack Sprint. The collaboration gives the students a unique understanding of the day to day work at a global company. They will face real-life problems in a cutting edge company when it comes to transportation, electrification, and data. Read more about this collaboration here.

Want to explore how your company could get involved in the same way? Connect with Pernilla Hallberg.