Team up with tomorrow's brightest creative talents

Students of Hyper Island Sweden can help you accelerate your digital transformation. You’ll find inspiration, energy and tons of innovative ideas from the next generation of creative talent – and your potential future colleagues.

Become a learning partner

This is the best way to meet and get to know our talented students. Give them access to the people at your company and your unique challenges to increase the possibilities they choose you as their internship placement or future employer.

Get inspired

Hyper Island students are creative, forward-thinking and equipped with tools and methods for solving complex tasks. Working with them will help your company stay competitive and get inspiration to make real progress.

Have fun

Being part of the learning journey for students is fun and easy. All projects have a specific start and end date, but other than that it’s up to you and the students to decide on how, when and where you work. They will act as your digital agency, so your commitment to the students should give them the experience of a real working relationship.

God Dryck collaborated with our Motion Creative students in Karlskrona. During this six-week project, Hyper Island students delivered this amazing commercial.
Upcoming opportunities

Find a project that fits your challenge

Learning partnerships give our students the chance to work with real clients on in live projects. This helps make them ready for the real world. Typically, you will work with a small team of students for 4-8 weeks. You can sometimes choose to participate in short intensive hacks and the possibility to collaborate with a whole class or the entire school.  This is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Hyper Island students while they are still studying.

Upcoming opportunities to collaborate:



Digital strategy

If your organization is on a digital transformation journey, team up with our creative talents to create business strategies in the digital field. They’ll add a whole new perspective to your work and bring with them an oft-needed breath of fresh air.

Branding and UX

Our design students live and breathe communication strategy, social media, brand books, visual identities, web/product design and UX. Give them the opportunity to apply their craft and reap the rewards when they deliver.

Data analytics 

Develop a deeper understanding of customer behavior online with help of data. Our students can help you harness the potential of Google Analytics, conversion rates and data strategy to support conversion rate optimization and search engine monetization.

Motion graphic and online content

When you are in need of a short film or visual content for social media, our students can help you with storytelling, information videos, animation, 3D, live motion, text and images. What’s more, they know what’s cool and what’s not.


Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, app development or installations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the skills that Hyper Island students can bring to a project or hack.

Culture and change management

Our students will help educate and empower your colleagues to reach a new mindset to succeed in our rapidly-changing world demands.

Clients & cases

More than 200 organizations become learning partners each year. Is yours next?

Project from the past

Wease brandbook

Wease – Brandbook

A collaboration with our Design Lead students where a brand book & visuals identity were created during five weeks.

Data analytics

Casall – Data analytics

A typical delivery of a data analyses projects where the students tracked the customers’ behavior online and came with a suggestion on how the design should look like to optimize the conversation rate on the client’s e-commerce.

Coca-Cola hackathon

Representatives of Coca-Cola – one of the world’s most valuable brands – joined 150 Hyper Island students for a three-day creative hack. During this 72-hour learning partnership, 32 mixed teams worked on briefs for how the drinks giant can meet the needs of the digital generation of consumers and talent.