Sprint with our Students

Are you in need of outside perspective connected to your business? Do you want to explore the possibilities that arise when partnering up with our students? Sprint with us!

The next Sprint with our students will be focusing on innovation and oppurtunities for an excisting product/service, or a new solution for your business – in connection to sustainability. Programs included in this sprint will be Design Lead, Motion Creative and Data Analyst.

A Sustainable Future 


You and your company seeks to explore service design options within the field of sustainability, and you wish to kickstart a new service/concept or tweak an existing offering to respond better to your customers/clients/users/people who care about the triple bottom line. 


This is a broad perspective – and will be iterated according to your challenge/brief.

You and your company want to understand future business opportunities to increase your social and/or environmental sustainability, which could for example, include engaging in the circular economy. You want to explore implementable service design options that can go to market today or in the future (speculative design). The project must build on existing data, but can provide inspiration and potential direction for their future growth.


You have an existing sustainability planning/reporting process

You are willing to give access to a reasonable set of data that the students can use to build their design within the timeframe (NDA is applicable)

You are able to be present throughout the sprint (Nov 12-15 //minimum first and last day)


This is a broad perspective – and will be iterated according to your challenge/brief.

A prototype, service/solution/concept. The output from the students aspires to be helpful, clear, and understandable to the user. The presentation will include an overview of the analytical findings, infographics, sketches, video, concepts, and/or documentation.

This is how it works

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    A Design Sprint at Hyper Island is when 35-400 students, divided into smaller groups, help you solve a vast real life business challenge during 1-4 intensive days. 

    All days (at least the first and the last), you spend at Hyper Island to be present for questions.  Prior to the Sprint, in collaboration with Hyper Island, you create a relatively broad challenge for the students to take on.

    For you, this is a great way to get inspired and energized, get a feeling of the tools and methods that makes Hyper Island into a world recognised school that is preparing the talents of tomorrow to shape your industry’s future. You will get several creative solutions, concepts and prototypes connected to your challenge, and foremost – meet our talented students for future recruitment!

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    Learning partnerships give our students the chance to work with real clients on in live projects. This helps make them ready for the real world. By being a Learning Partner, you contribute to the quality of their education, and the future of your industry. 

    A Learning Partner is a business or organization that provides a real business challenge (a brief) to the Hyper Island students to work with. The students work on this brief as part of their curricular projects ultimately delivering a creative concept, a film, a strategy, a prototype, etc to their client.

    For the students, it’s an incredibly real-world way to learn. For Learning Partners it’s a unique opportunity work closely with the next generation of digital creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers.

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    DATES: November 12th-15th 2019

    CITY: Stockholm, Sweden

    VENUE: TBD (will be in the area of Hyper Island Stockholm,Hammarby Sjöstad, or nearby) 

    PROGRAMS: Design Lead, Motion Creative, Data Analyst 

    X STUDENTS: 110-135 (the total number of students from these programs are 134)

    PRICE: SEK 350 000 excl VAT 


    OWNERSHIP: Learning Partners have ownership over the ideas and concepts presented by students, to further develop and implement them.

    NDA:  An NDA will be applied to ensure sensitive business information remains tightly within the collaboration.

    PORTFOLIOS: The students will use their work in their portfolios. You decide together exactly what and how it will be showcased.

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    To apply, fill in your challenge/brief by using the following form. Then we will book a meeting/call to align and discuss details and develop your brief together. There will be a selection process, so please send in your initial brief as soon as possible. 

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