Kid playing Fortnite

Fortnite is the future. Are you game?

One day well into the future we’ll scratch our heads while trying to remember that first day when everything started to change for good. Or, what exactly is responsible for the way you live in 2045.

“If someone asks what I do, I’d probably say animator, but that’s not the whole truth.”

After graduating from Hyper Island in 2013, Kristian Andersson and Philip Engström eventually landed jobs at BRIKK, one of Sweden’s most prestigious animation studios. We take a look behind the curtain into how they got there; and what it’s like.

Transformation means different things to different people

Buzzwords come and go but people and business have continuously faced pressure, evolving complexity and change. Concrete answers are hard to find but an important first step is understanding the nature and scale of the challenge and opportunities ahead.

Driving Transformation: Everything you need to know

Get the lowdown from program leader and coach Ben Ward along with a former participant in this informative video.

Hyper Island students are rolling with Volvo Group

Over the course of 72 intensive hours, 250 Hyper Island students developed 40 hacks to help the Volvo Group create new services for connected and electric trucks in cities. Here’s what went down.

“I used to have anxiety when handling a lot of data. I see now that I’m not the only one.”

Denise Karakasis-Pires took a course at Hyper Island about how to use data in her work at digital creative agency Your Majesty in Amsterdam.

10 tips for using data in your work

Data-driven decision making is an essential skills for designers, marketeers and product managers but how do you get a data-driven mindset and how do you apply it to your work?

Knowing this will prepare you for 2036

If you look at things on a weekly or even yearly basis, the evolution of tech and how it affects our behaviors isn't that dramatic. But in the long term, the way we are today is significantly different from where we were just 18 years ago back in 2001.

Hyper Island has been granted four new vocational programs

Hyper Island has been granted a total of four new vocational programs by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education! Three existing programs will continue and four new ones have been given the green light.

3 ways to become a great leader in 2019

Being a leader these days is no easy task. Technology is creating whole new ways of redefining work and reinventing the workplace. Leaders are expected to drive this change. Here are three ways you can learn to be a great leader in our digital age.

“The Hyper Island Way is learning by doing”

Rasmus Noah Hansen loved co-facilitating the Hyper Island Way course so much that he took to LinkedIn to tell his network all about it. We love his energy and wanted to share a shorter version here. Thanks, Rasmus!

“Hyper Island helped me understand that transformation is a marathon”

Angela Yong has been at the forefront of innovation within IT systems and business development in Sweden for the past 20 years. She tell us why she took our online course Driving Transformation and how it helped her to keep on innovating.

How Charlotte Found the Missing Link in her Career

Going to school in Switzerland was a great start but Charlotte Aubry needed real-world insights and approaches that would help her stand out from the crowd. Hyper Island helped her develop both.

Driving personal and professional transformation with Daniela De Barros Nabholz

Mother-of-two Daniela De Barros Nabholz found the professional tools and mindset she needed in the online Driving Transformation course to rejoin the workforce.

“Attending the course together meant we could start brainstorming immediately”

Art directors Karin Vreeswijk and Lisette van Elst from The Netherlands chose to attend the Digital Acceleration course at Hyper Island to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new paradigms, technologies and ways of working in the digital age.

The future of work needs great leaders

Robots, artificial intelligence and automation will never replace inspiring leaders. Future-proof your business with Leading teams in the Digital Age, a 6-week online course to help your teams work better together and be more effective in reaching your goals.

Tiago’s top 5 prototyping tools for digital product designers in 2019

We asked Amsterdam-based product designer and AI researcher (and Hyper Island alumni) Tiago Varandas to update his list of favorite interaction design tools.

Interview: Hyper Island’s Anna Carlson on personal and digital transformation

Hyper Island is helping individuals and companies survive in a world of rapid transformation. Here, Brandwatch chats to Anna Carlson about how change always starts on a personal level, even if you're dealing with a huge organization.

Who would have thought?

Who’d have thought that 2018 was going to be such an interesting year? 

5 principles of leading teams in the digital age

The world of work is changing at a dizzying pace. Successful teamwork today demands new approaches, attitudes and skills to handle change and respond quickly. Here’s where you can start.

Cristiano’s 10,000 Km Learning Journey Has Only Just Begun

Leaving your home country to study and work abroad can become hard if you don't have contacts or speak the language. Meet Cristiano, who came to Hyper Island from Brazil and has since gone on to work at one of Sweden’s fastest-growing tech companies.

Beyond borders: Learning by doing

Meet Yoshinori Sakuno, a student of a part-time master's program at Hyper Island in Singapore.

Everything you need to know about our Digital Marketing Online Course

The Digital Marketing Online Course brings together the Hyper Island methodology with hands-on digital marketing know-how.

You are what you listen to

A list of the most inspiring podcasts of 2018 by Jamie Black, Hyper Island Learning Lead for Business Transformation team in Europe.

“I get reminded from time to time that I am exactly where I want to be.”

After graduating from Hyper Island in 2017, Andrea Meilgaard started a creative agency together with other students and then took a one-way ticket to New York City. This is her journey.

What we’ve learned about 2019

Luckily for us, 2018 was a fascinating year to write about. But what an even more fascinating year 2019 will be.

What is digital transformation to me?

When branding specialist Fintan Collier signed up for the Digital Strategy course at Hyper Island he expected to be studying Big Data and Blockchain. What he experienced was something quite different.

Women in tech? It’s a no brainer.

Anna Felicia Valdés knows a lot about Hyper Island as a student, Program Manager and Industry Leader. She's also started an agency service exclusively for tech-savvy female and non-binary members.

You have to know the past to understand the present

At this very moment, we are living in the past. The future’s past.

These are the products you’ll buy in the future

If you want to understand the zeitgeist of an era, look at its products. 

How to Transform Frustration into Willpower

Discover out how Hyper Island alumnus Eric Lee turned his frustration into Yangon’s first design school in this, the first in our new PTMA Transformational Stories series.

How Industry 4.0 is Disrupting Business Models

The convergence of technology and business is disrupting entire sectors. Do you want to understand how the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ will impact your business and to unlock opportunities?
Impact of industry 4.0

The Impact of Industry 4.0 on Your Life

Industry 4.0 isn’t only about potential increases in resource efficiency in manufacturing, or robots harvesting vast amounts of data. It’s already happening now and it’s impacting your life is through improved products and services, road safety, better working conditions, and even healthcare.

If this then what?

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a well-known website that connects platforms, devices and services to automate daily tasks. It’s an algorithm-based logic that helps humans accomplish daily and routine tasks.

What You Can Learn About Innovation From Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a real thing and it’s growing fast among Indian consumers. We can we learn a lot from innovators like the founder of Dr. Bubbles, Adnan Sarkar, and what other market-leading companies are doing to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Walking the Talk in Antwerp

Reinforcing company culture is crucial to the long-term success of any digital transformation process. This is central to Hyper Island philosophy and close to the hearts of the 23 user experience architects and designers at Monkeyshot in Antwerp. We spoke to Michiel and Anne to see what makes them tick.
Artificial intelligence impacting business

Exploring Business Opportunities Through Artificial Intelligence

Understanding the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the future of work and other areas, will allow us to transform them into business opportunities. 

4 Ways Digital Acceleration Will Help You Rethink Customer Relationships

Digital acceleration means learning to navigate through complex business landscapes, engage customers, and expand your reach.

Why You Need Human-Centered Design

Let’s look at what human-centered design is (and isn’t) and why you need it to create digital services that address evolving customer needs.

Drive Digital Transformation With Artificial Intelligence

Leaders aren't born, they’re made. So when it comes to driving digital transformation with a relatively new technology such as artificial intelligence, leaders need all the help they can get. 

Will we be more human tomorrow?

The more we advance in the fields of neuroscience, robotics, and synthetic psychology, the better our machines become. And the better they become, the more threatened humans feel.

How to land a job at Spotify

Wondering how you can get hired by an exciting company? Hyper Island can help launch your career at top agencies, tech companies and corporations. We generate creative talent sought after by companies worldwide, including Apple, Coca-Cola, Google, Huge, Nike and Spotify.

Innovation Frontrunners Share Their Secrets

When it is done in a sustainable way, innovation can help businesses ensure that their current products and services not only continue to meet customer demands in the future, but also contribute to revenue growth. We can learn a lot by looking at what the innovation frontrunners are doing to stay relevant.

Here’s How to Create Innovation That Really Makes an Impact

Innovation. Surely a contender as one of the most common buzzwords in business right now (even beating ‘artificial intelligence’ in the number of Google search results). It is often quoted as being crucial for companies to survive, but what does it mean to ‘create’ innovation and what impact could it have on an organization?

Alexa, remind me to question your answers

The one skill we must have in order to thrive in the future is the ability to keep growing and learning. Being adaptable, keeping a fluid stream of sources that challenge our beliefs and force us to question what we *think* we know, is a solid strategy for growth.

6 Ways to Lead Innovation in your Organization

Large and small enterprises need to renew their products and services to compete with newcomers to the market, as well as shrinking product and business life cycles. We’ve identified six steps to help you lead innovation and find ways to stay relevant.

Is digital marketing competence the missing link in your career?

Without the skills to create insightful digital marketing strategies and effective campaigns, you can’t reach target audiences or convert them into loyal customers. 

Innovation is your company’s source of protein

With new ways to engage with customers appearing all the time, it’s essential that there’s more innovation that captures the opportunities offered by digital transformation. 
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