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It’s going to come down to your personal choices. The future is going to be defined by your decisions. And it’s not going to be easy to decide.


It’s going to come down to your personal choices.

The future is going to be defined by your decisions.

And it’s not going to be easy to decide. Because the world is changing so fast, new options and alternatives appear every day.

Will you trust your instincts and go with the tried and true? Or will you give a new idea a chance?

It’s your choice. It’s our future.


What’s changing: Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Renting vs Buying. Rent-ailers are in. And some think is all about sustainability. (2 min and 4 min reads)

Talking about sustainability, KLM just broke flying! (4 min read)

Fakes vs Reality. From videos and voice, to politics and celebrities. It’s getting really difficult to know what’s real and what’s not. But the Finnish might have found the key. (3 min, 2 min, 5 min reads, 39 min podcast and 11 min read)

Repurpose vs Recompose. The parking space and the death business are being disrupted. One is doing it for our own good. (4 min and 3 min reads)

Federer vs Tiger. Or why you don’t want a Child prodigy. (6 min read)

College vs Work. With higher tuitions, growing debt and underwhelming experiences, people are considering joining the workforce earlier… Maybe college is not all that!  (6 min read)


Mental energizer

The essence of harmonized retail is accepting the truth that all the talk about different channels is not particularly helpful. The customer is the channel.  A winning customer experience strategy recognizes that the blended channel is the only channel and that retailers need to leverage deep customer insight to understand how various customer segments navigate the customer journey across digital and physical channels. Armed with this knowledge retailers can execute harmonized retail by eliminating the friction points  (I call them “discordant notes”) and “amplifying the wow” (implementing truly memorable experiences). As contrasted with current terminology, the goal is not to be everywhere, nor is it to be seamless or unified.

From “Omnichannel is dead. The future is harmonized channel” at Forbes.


Food for thought


Confident and informed beauty shoppers who conduct extensive research on active ingredients and formulations. (see Nicotinamide)


Tomorrow’s numbers

By 2050, “digisexuals”—people who give up human relationships in favor of using technology—will become a “significant minority” between “three-percent to five-percent” of the population.
From “Sex in the future might not involved human contact” at DesignTaxi.

More than half of internet traffic comes from bots, not people.
From “We live in a “fake” world” by Axios.

Outschool currently offers 8,000 classes from 1,000 teachers; 31,000 parents have bought classes, with 60% coming back for more. Around 80% of students are homeschooled. From “The Netflix of education can give kids what schools can’t” at Quartz.

In 2018 people left $960,105 at US Airports security check.
From Vox.

Obesity is one of the fastest-growing global health problems. One in seven people are obese and about 10% have type 2 diabetes. Since 1980 the rate of obesity has doubled in more than 70 countries.
From “A sweet tale; The son who reinvented sugar to help diabetic dad” at The Guardian.



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This week’s exploration of possible futures was curated with curiosity by Iñaki Escudero, Future Activist.

Photo by Brendan Church on Unsplash.