You are what you listen to

Meet Jamie Black. He will be joining us on the blog from time to time, sharing his explorations, reflections and insights when it comes to the world of learning, strategy, culture, leadership, career development and more. Jamie is based in Stockholm where he works at Hyper Island as Learning Lead for our Business Transformation team in Europe.

For me, 2018 was the year of the podcast. I think I’ll slow down on them for a bit now and pivot my attention to more books, but importantly give my mind a chance and the time and space to process all that I’ve actually listened to this past year.

There were many surprises in this year of exploration. 

For instance, after having grown a little tired of a lot of the regular content I was consuming, l began actively listening to things I did not want to listen to. I learned to overcome bias and pre-existing judgements and found myself being more open to new ideas and differing perspectives as a result.

It can be hard work exploring outside your bubble as not every episode or interview pulls you in with ease. I found there were times where listening was super easy, but other times it was a challenge and took some effort and concentration (almost like a workout and after you got through it, there was a lot of value in the experience).

Also, it took some getting used to hearing my voice for the first time on a podcast. Being a guest was great fun. I learned a lot from the experience and would enjoy doing some more (shout out to the producers/hosts reading this).  

All this said, here’s my list of favourite episodes. In the below you will find conversations, which I took much from with respect to: leadership, nutrition, habits, learning, economics, philanthropy, scaling, strategy, thinking, career,  technology, data, geopolitics and more!


The List

Jennifer Garvey Berger on Farnam Street

The most inspiring listen for me all year. Sometimes it just clicks and this reflection on leadership is timely and needed.

Evgeny Morozov on Start Worrying, Details to Follow

It may be a stretch for many but I think we should all have a basic understanding of the relationship between politics, technology and data.

Shopify’s Tobias Lutke on Farnham Street

On growing a technology business (outside of Silicon Valley) and of course growing people too.

Tyler Cowen on Farnam Street

This episode sent me down a rabbit hole on economics and more. Listening to Tyler Cowen is a great exercise in shifting perspectives.

Paul Grewal on Genius Foods

Humbling to hear the co-authors of a book on nutrition share their own challenges and journey with food.

Anand Giridharadas on Recode

This flips the switch on the historic notion of ‘saving the world’, how the mechanisms for saving reinforce the creation of the problems themselves.

James Clear on Human Optimization

Will be getting the book. Habits drive so much, but historically receive so little attention. Give this person a greater platform!

Roger Martin on What’s Next

Even the greatest thinkers need to advocate for their ideas – Martin challenges us to evolve our understanding and execution of strategy.

Sunil Gupta on HBR’s Ideacast

This cuts through to the heart of it – whether beginner to or seasoned veteran of “digital” this episode breaks down what digital strategy is and is not.

Ben Thompson on Farnam Street

Hard to describe this one but it covers a breadth, relevant to our age, business models, strategy, technology etc.

Jamie Black on Mixed Mental Arts

Last but not least, my feature! A reflection on origin, travel, learning and career.

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