Who would have thought?

Who’d have thought that 2018 was going to be such an interesting year? 

Photo by Josh Riemer on Unsplash


You might be one of the many who thinks that last year was the worst year in history. (that privilege belongs to another year.) Or perhaps your approach is a bit more optimistic, hoping that we will learn valuable lessons from the events and developments that dominated the news last year.

Even though many problems remain, a quick look at 1919 will help put things in perspective.

When you look at what was accomplished, 2018 turned out to be a remarkable year in many ways. Even surprisingly enlightening for human beings, with a few incredible ‘firsts’ across different fields of knowledge. These events created alternate futures in medicine, construction, equality, and energy.

As we explore some of these ´firsts’, let’s reflect on the ways in which 2019 could be a year of firsts for you, your business, your industry, and the world. And how we can be participants, instead of bystanders, of what could be one of the most extraordinary, exceptional, amazing, astounding, marvelous, wonderful, sensational, stunning, incredible, unbelievable, miraculous, and phenomenal years ever.

Mental Energizer

“Getting a good job, working long hours, keeping your skills relevant, navigating the politics of an organization, finding a work/life balance … these are all really hard, xxxx. In contrast, respecting institutions, having manners, demonstrating a level of humility … these are all (relatively) easy. Get the easy stuff right, xxxx. In and of themselves they will not make you successful. However, not possessing them will hold you back, and you will not achieve your potential, which, by virtue of you being admitted to Stern, you must have in spades. It’s not too late, xxxx …”

– From “Getting the Easy Stuff Right” on “No Mercy/No Malice” by Scott Galloway

Food for thought

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

An interactive film, in which viewers are asked at various points to make a choice which affects the storyline.



This week’s exploration of possible futures was curated with curiosity by Iñaki Escudero, Future Activist.

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