What we learned in 2017 and how to create a better 2018

Hyper Island's exploration of possible futures.

Check in (i)

We, humans, are designed to learn. It’s how we grow and adapt. We are born curious and we use this curiosity as a compass to explore and discover, change and improve. It’s never been easier or quicker to fill in gaps in our knowledge with Google. Whether we want to know how to make slime or read the lyrics to Despacito, we search for answers.

Everyday, we learn fascinating things, like why we lean right when we kiss, which patents that will define our future, or about life in exoplanets on TRAPPIST-1. This is knowledge that helps us understand who we are and who we will become.

In 2017, we’ve witnessed the emergence of the Ethics Economy, where trust, equality, and inclusion took front page globally. And, in 2018, we’ll continue to explore and learn what it means to be ethical in the age of fake news; human in the age of artificial intelligence; transparent in the age of algorithmic data.

What’s changing: Friday, December 29th, 2017

  1. People are keeping up with change! Machine learning, Deep Learning and Learning how to Learn were the year’s most popular courses on Coursera, an online learning platform with over 25 million users. The best way to understand and adapt new technologies is by learning more about them. So, pick an high-impactful technological development from 2017 (blockchain, cryptocurrencies, human genes editing, or quantum communications) and prepare yourself for an exciting and wonder-full 2018.
  2. What could make 2018 the banner year of equality? Here are some ideas: Great examples of inclusion in design and a wonderful book about the ethical philosophy; read what Harvard Business Review learned about how women are treated at work, and the 5 human issues that will takeover the workplace in 2018. Ah, Feminism is 2017’s word of the year.

Mental Energizer

“I have five pieces of advice for my daughters. My first rule is: Always think like an immigrant, because we’re all new immigrants to the age of accelerations.

Second, always think like an artisan. Always do your job in a way that you bring so much empathy to it, so much unique, personal value-add that it cannot be automated, digitized, or outsourced, and you want to carve your initials into it at the end of the day.

Third, always be in beta. Always think of yourself as if you need to be re-engineered, retooled, relearned, and retaught constantly. Never think of yourself as finished—otherwise, you really will be finished.

Fourth, always remember that PQ (passion quotient) plus CQ (curiosity quotient) is greater than IQ (intelligence quotient). Give me a young person with a high PQ and a high CQ, and I will take that person over a kid with a high IQ seven days a week.

And last, whatever you do, whether you’re in the public sector or the private sector, whether you’re on the front lines or a manager, always think entrepreneurially.”

— Tom Friedman, New York Times columnist, on the future of work.

Reflection (i)

Find somewhere quiet, grab a pen and paper, and set a timer for five minutes. During this time, reflect on the following question: What will be the most exciting change happening in my job in 2018?

Check out (i)

Everence: “A new technology that allows you to add DNA from a loved one into any new or existing tattoo.


Curated with curiosity by Iñaki Escudero, Future Activist @inakiescudero