User Experience Lab at Hyper Island with Tobias Ahlin & Anna Lundqvist

Meet the team behind Hyper Island ́s 3 days User Experience Lab in Stockholm. Anna Lundqvist and Tobias Ahlin are our talented industry leaders and we have asked them 5 questions to get a sneak peak of the Lab.

Short introduction, who are you? And why are you into UX?

Anna: I just love people. I have trained all my life to see people’s needs and behaviours and from that make their life easier. I find purpose in human centered design.

Tobias: I’m an avid fan of creating delightful products that can put a smile on someone’s face during a hectic day. I’ve tried my best to do that during my time at Spotify, Minecraft, GitHub, and now as a freelancer. It’s a wonderful job, and I’d like to think that thoughtful UX makes a major difference. It’s the glue that we need between people and the endlessly frustrating physical world.

Who is the User Experience Lab for?

Anna: Everyone that’s curious about people and how to create things that make sense!

Tobias: If you’re in touch with UX at work (as a designer, developer, manager, coach, analyst, etc.), and want to level up your UX thinking, tools, or processes, this is a great place to find the right context and time to do that.

What are your top 3 key takeaways for participants?

Anna: Be curious, be wrong and continue to develop.

Tobias: 1) The UX process is heavily reliant on a deep understanding of how to juggle the nuances of quantitative and qualitative data, 2) you need to prototype early and test often, and 3) you need to dare to fall in love with crazy ideas and accompany them to their utter absurdities, while simultaneously detaching your ego from your ideas and approaching work with a probabilistic mindset.

Why should one take the user experience lab at Hyper Island?

Anna: You want to explore how humans with help of design and tech can make a better world. Both internally for you as an individual and you in a group/team but also on a bigger scale externally.

Tobias: If you’re in a phase where you want to grow, personally and professionally, Hyper Island is the perfect place. They always create a wonderfully energetic learning culture, and it brings out the best in all of us. I’m looking forward to be back.

How do you (Tobias & Anna) complete each other?

Anna: We are both two happy living creatures. I am maybe more geeky about humans and Tobias geeky about tech and knows everything about edgy nerdy things. He is constantly caught up in new a book reading about something very narrow. Love it!

Tobias: I think we’re a bit like Chip n Dale. Or yin and yang—not in any way opposing forces, but complementary. Any question that we get we’ll answer differently from each other, and we’ll look at the same thing from distinct perspectives. It introduces some healthy non congruence and nuance to our discussions, and it keeps us from growing overconfident in our habits and hypotheses.