The World According to UX

They often say the best way to learn something is to teach it to others and that is what we kept in mind when launching our new Skillshare course on UX Design. 

This spring, program leaders, industry experts and our Motion Designer students in Karlskrona (where Hyper Island was originally founded over 20 years ago) combined to create a new learning experience for anyone considering or exploring the possibility of a career working as a UX Designer.

Daring to create in this open space and on a platform such as Skillshare requires an adapted approach on a few different fronts. A self-study track virtually is different than an in-person, multi-person facilitated program for starters. And like most design disciplines, UX Design and designers are finding the challenges they are tackling are more complex and require new ways of relating, framing, exploring to problems and ultimately realizing solutions through a systems thinking approach. These constraints provide an opportunity to revisit an increasingly vital area of design and how we create effective learning for it. To respond, we made two distinctions in our approach: Starting With Why and Embodying Change Through Play.

Starting With Why

There’s a reason why the work of Simon Sinek is broadly circulated. Start with Why continues to inspire deeper, more meaningful and strong purpose led initiatives in many areas. At Hyper Island we have long worked to ensure there’s been a balance between the what and the why in the solutions or experiences we have been designing for learners and organizations. Sinek’s work and the timing of its adoption means increasing impact and reminders to us all to tap into that power. This is why the structure of the course and journey through the experience builds off of a set foundational we asked ourselves about design and change. Subsequently, how we cover UX Design emerges from a much deeper, historical and systems oriented exploration of the discipline. This coming at a time when digital experiences at scale is a relatively new phenomena, even with the number of mobile phones now outnumbering people. We have a responsibility to take that extra step before moving forward into design, product and service development and this is why we have chosen to title the new course ‘The World According to UX – A Bold Mindset for Aspiring UX Designers‘. By participating in the 8-lesson self-guided course participants can explore:

  • How digital driven networks challenge hierarchical power structures.
    Referring to ‘The square and the tower’ by Niall Fergusson
  • How to predict the exponential development of digital technologies.
    Referring to ‘Bold’ by Peter Diamandis
  • How to implement innovation initiatives in organizations.
    Referring to ‘Exponential organisations’ by Salim Ismail
  • Why the ability to act even though the outcome is unclear is a scarcely available skillset.
    Referring to CYNEFIN framework by Greg Brougham

Embodying Change Through Play

We expanded upon traditional learning mechanism by exploring potential formats best suited for a world where learners need to be able to see themselves in the systems in which they choose to effect change. Doing so, requires a chance to make your own learning experience out of the raw materials provided – content, instructions, connections. When working in an open community like Skillshare the learning provider becomes the platform for learners to build off, move, play with and actively respond to. That’s why the course is presented through the medium of a playable board game. When successful, it adds an inherent dimension of discovery and tactility to a learning experience that otherwise would fail to move the learner beyond the intellectual plane. The intention is to instigate a curiosity for solving problems in multiple ways, fostering a maker mindset in the learner and ultimately, designer.

Learn More

This course was created to help aspiring applicants to our new UX Design Program 2019 in Karlskrona gain an early insight to the potential and possibilities that exist through a Hyper Island experience, as well as contributed to the wide library of resources available to designers globally.

Register your interest in and learn more about this brand new UX Design Program at Hyper Island launching August 2019 here.

To ‘Access The World according to UX – A bold mindset for aspiring UX Designers’ please access the course over on Skillshare.