“The Hyper Island Way is learning by doing”

Rasmus Noah Hansen loved co-facilitating the Hyper Island Way course so much that he took to LinkedIn to tell his network all about it. We love his energy and wanted to share a shorter version here. Thanks, Rasmus!

The Hyper Island Way is learning by doing. Experiential learning teaches us how to approach problems in multiple ways, to reflect deeply, and to draw conclusions with an open, collaborative spirit. This creates adaptive, creative and open-minded people who can, and will, take on any challenge they might encounter. Throughout my year at Hyper, I’ve been working with everything from future-proofing a billion-dollar company within cyber security to helping a small Swedish startup with their marketing strategy. My biggest takeaway is to not focus on the problem but on the process.

The Hyper Island Way is also about having the ability to create effective teams. Companies’ most valuable asset is humans, and being able to know how people work in a collaborative and effective way is crucial to any successful company. By using a group dynamic approach that includes experiential learning, dialogue, reflection, and feedback are some of the key factors of building these teams. My biggest learning is not only understanding the importance of setting clear roles, goals, expectations and likewise, – but also being a person who includes, involves and enhances the people around you. Co-workers and team members are human beings with complex feelings, behaviors, and needs – they should, therefore, be treated as such.

In most schools, students are taught the difference between right and wrong, but anyone who’s working with creativity knows that having this mindset will hinder your imagination and ability to think different. Being able to create new and innovative ideas demands a way of thinking that has no right or wrong answers. In this complex world, we’re all part of, the answers of tomorrow are not written in a textbook – but found through having a curious and open mind. Even after years of working in creative teams, I’ve only recently realized how building safety and trust among team members is essential for me to apply the creative mindset.

One year into my journey at Hyper Island, I can for sure say: I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid, and I’m thirsting for more. As I see it, whether we are talking about design thinking, prototyping, sprints or some other creative buzzword, the Hyper Island Way will always be the key foundation for any creative process to succeed. Hyper Island is, in my opinion, one of the most forward-thinking and holistic schools in the world.

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Rasmus is also the co-host of the Millennials at Work podcast, which you can listen to here.