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Let’s talk about innovation. What’s your take? Do you have faith in collective intelligence to march us towards a better future? Or do you believe that innovation leapfrogs farther when we let experts guide us Whichever one you agree with, join us as we use this week’s exploration of possible futures to present examples of how collective intelligence has been used to lead us closer to a brighter tomorrow.

What’s changing: Friday, December 8th, 2017

  1. Two young entrepreneurs and a forum community created a laptop/tablet hybrid called Eve. Every decision, design element andspec was crowdsourced and debated online. You’ll never believe how much money they raised on Indiegogo. (via Wired)
  2. Four Thieves Vinegar, a collective dedicated to creating do-it-yourself medicine tools, has published avideo and instructions about how to create a homemade EpiPen to administer epinephrine injections.The potentially lifesaving device sells for US $150. (via MIT Tech Review)
  3. The most-streamed song on Spotify this year? It wasn’t Luis Fonsi’s Despacito, my friend. Surprisingly, somebody else grabbed the honor. It seems crowds can correct themselves over time. Want to know what song managed to beat the most-watched video in history? (via Highsnobiety)
  4. Can somebody’s year-long learnings help the rest of us become wiser? Former journalist and hardware designer Tom Whitwell created a list of 52 things he’s learned this year, and I feel enlightened by them. Elsewhere, writer Clayton Cornell made his own list of lessons learned — but this time about traveling around the world — and I’ve been using every bit of wisdom from it. (via Medium and Huffington Post)
  5. Self-driving cars are the thing now. Every car maker is working developing one and even Apple Inc. is rumored to be working on its own. That’s why is so incredible that a college student transformed his grandma’s Honda Civic into a self-driving car for just US $700. (via MIT Tech review)
  6. Do you know who Katie Mcgrath is? Have you heard of BTS? How about Ali Krieger? Tumblr just released its Year in Review with rankings of the most popular of everything in 2017. Speaking of crowds…what’s popular for the 14-20-year-old crowd might not agree with many of you but remember: the future belongs to the young. Take a look and discover what the kids have known for the entire 2017. (via Tumblr) What if ‘the crowd’ is an algorithm equipped with all the knowledge from your 50 favorite science fiction books? Imagine co-writing a book with Philip K. Dick,Ray Bradbury, and the scientist who created the algorithm. This is what they wrote (and it’s really good). (via Wired)

Reflection (?)

Thinking about the way your work today, how open are you to collaborating with groups of unknown people? Pick a project where you could test your comfort and your ability to co-create relaying on the wisdom of crowds.

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Blob. The Blob is an amorphous, pseudo-organic shape that this year captured the hearts and minds of designers all over the world.

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