“That will never work” | Changes of Tomorrow

This moment is all that matters. What we know now is what we can bet on. Yes we rely on the past to educate our decisions but, most of the time, the bets we make are fairly safe. 


This moment is all that matters. What we know now is what we can bet on. Yes we rely on the past to educate our decisions but, most of the time, the bets we make are fairly safe.

  • Tomorrow is a completely different story.
  • Tomorrow makes us uncomfortable, and a little bit anxious.
  • Tomorrow is unpredictable, unknown and unexpected.

That’s why we tend to play it safe, we bet on known outcomes and we discard the new, different and strange.

But, if you think about it, the safe bet is on change, the new and the different. That’s one thing we know for sure. Tomorrow will be different.

Because a lot of the time, with creativity, some support, and good timing, crazy ideas work!


What’s changing: Thursday, September 26th, 2019

🚗 A Norwegian architecture firm designs the new Ford Corporate campus in Michigan with the goal of using fewer cars. (5 min read)

🚕 Seabubbles, an eco-friendly, bubble-shaped taxi that zips up and down the Seine, Paris. (1 min read)

♻️ Recycling is a complicated (and confusing) business. This is the ultimate guide to understanding what to do with all that plastic. (9 important minutes)

❤️ Add Nunchi, the Korean secret to success, to your set of habits. (3 min read)

🌪️ Controlling your urge to get distracted could be the skill of the future. (5 min read)

💰 Corporations are adjusting to new realities. No guns, higher salaries, climate pledges. Customer pressure or common sense? (4 min read)

📺 The streaming services are ready for their close-up. (3 min read) Or as Jeff Bewkes, then Time Warner CEO, in 2010 quipped, referring to Netflix, “Is the Albanian Army going to take over the world?”


Mental energizer

Universities were designed to last, not change.”
From “Higher Education existential crises” by Alison Snyder, Kim Hart at Axios

“Where you are born is more predictive of your future than any other factor”
From Bill Gates


Food for thought

Accelerated pay
About 12% of companies — including Walmart and McDonald’s — are offering a controversial new perk to attract workers: on-demand access to earned wages.


A.I. Watch

Today A.I. can accurately… Pass the 8th-grade test. An AI program correctly answered more than 90 percent of the questions on an eighth-grade science test.

Is it better than humans? Students are 13–14 years old at this stage of education, and it’s considered a critical time in the development of a child. In 2017 the graduation rate in the US was 85%. So AI now is better than 15% of humans.

Forecast? In six years time, it’ll probably pass University grade tests.


Tomorrow’s numbers

The fashion industry alone will burn up to a quarter of the world’s carbon budget by 2050.
From Axios

People over 50 become entrepreneurs at twice the rate of millennials.
From The Hustle 

In 2018, vinyl album sales grew 12.9% to $224 million, hardcover book sales in the U.S. increased by 6.9% and the number of print magazine titles published in the U.S. rose to 7,218 from 7,176.
From Bloomberg

The carbon footprint of 2017 smash hit, “Despacito” was as much as the energy used by 40,000 U.S. homes in a year.
From Axios


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This week’s exploration of possible futures was curated with curiosity by Iñaki Escudero, Future Activist.

Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash.