Nathalie Trutmann new CEO at Hyper Island

Nathalie Trutmann, “Head of Americas” at Hyper Island takes over as CEO at Hyper Island as Sofia Wingren leaves the post after three years.

“We can see a huge shift in the world in terms of future work methods, skills development and transformation in companies around the world. This is where Hyper Island is extremely well positioned and we are seeing increased demand for our services to the corporate sector, especially in the larger markets outside Sweden”, says Hyper Island Chairman Fredrik Månsson. “Nathalie has been part of building our business offering from the ground up and driving a very successful growth in Brazil in recent years. With her international profile and her roots in the company, she is the right person to take over and drive the company forward after three successful years with Sofia at the helm”.

In recent years, Hyper Island has entered a phase of rapid expansion and is growing in all markets and business areas. The school offering in Sweden has more than doubled, Hyper Island’s online offering has grown substantially and the business area “Business Transformation” is the one growing the fastest.

“I am really proud of the Hyper Island we’ve built over the past three years and how we’ve gone from a local mindset to really working together as a global team. The company has grown significantly and has become an international player to count on. We have driven change and matured as an organization. Today, we develop innovative products for the future of learning, something that has already had a major impact on our customers. Then, of course, I am very pleased that we graduate more than twice as many students from Hyper Island today compared to three years ago and thus provide Sweden and the world with first-class digital talent,” says Sofia Wingren.

Sofia Wingren is succeeded by Nathalie Trutmann, who built Hyper Island in South America from the start. With five years of experience in the company and several years in the management team, she has a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges the company now faces. Her appointment is also representative of the internationalisation that Hyper Island has undergone in recent years, where half of the revenue now comes from markets outside Sweden and where the fastest growing markets are in Latin America and Asia.

“This is, of course, an extremely exciting mission and I look forward to being part of Hyper Island’s continuing future story. I see daily evidence of the results we achieve within companies and with people in terms of culture, leadership, change and strategic development and hope to be able to accelerate our impact so that more people have access to Hyper Island’s methodology, magic and know-how”, says Nathalie Trutmann.

Nathalie Trutmann was previously Innovation Director at FIAP (a leading Business Management & IT University for more than 10,000 students in Brazil), was a key ambassador for Singularity University and has an MBA from INSEAD. She will take over from September 1, 2019.

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Hyper Island runs education and consulting services in Digital Transformation through four business areas; Hyper Island Vocational Education in Stockholm and Karlskrona, Hyper Island Business Transformation with offices in Stockholm, London, New York, Sao Paulo and Singapore, Hyper Island Masters courses in Stockholm, London, Manchester and Singapore and Hyper Island Courses offered globally.

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