Micky Lin: On Study, Sport, Work and Life Balance

Micky Lin is currently attending the part-time MA in Singapore, while playing as the captain of the national netball team and working. Here are her tips on balancing work, life, study and sport.

Hey Micky! Tell us a bit about your background.

I started my career in luxury retail marketing at Marina Bay Sands and as part of it took up roles around event planning, branding and advertising for close to five years. It was only after my move to Deloitte Singapore in 2014 that I decided to pursue a role in digital. I have since been assigned the role to manage the web and social media activities of the firm and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn on the job. Outside the office, I spend most of my time on the netball courts; I am privileged to have the opportunity to represent Singapore in the sport I love for the past 11 years.

Being a captain of the Singapore national netball team, working full-time at Deloitte and studying part-time at Hyper Island, how do you manage your time?

Prioritisation is key for me, I try to work out my schedule in advance and deconflict them early where possible. In some instances, sacrifices have to be made and it definitely helps that I have the support at work and from my coaches. There are of course days when I questioned my ability to manage everything on my plate but the passion kept me going. In short, do what you love. It keeps you going when it gets tough.

How have you been able to apply what you learn back at both work and sport?

Hyper Island learning emphasises on the application part of the taught program. I am glad to have the opportunity to experiment and apply concepts such as design thinking and agile methodology back at work and in my personal life. It is always great to learn new concepts, and even better to see it in action.

For someone who might be thinking “Hmm I don’t have time to do the Masters”, what advice would you give them?

You are probably right that you don’t have the time, but that does not stop you from finding the time to do so. I suggest that they try one of the shorter programs to experience the Hyper Island way of learning. I was truly inspired and intrigued by it that I came back for more after.

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