Meet the Team: Digital Strategy

Interested in learning at Hyper Island but not yet familiar with our facilitators and collaborators? Meet the team behind the popular Digital Strategy course and follow them online for insights and inspiration.

During ten weeks, you will collaborate together with industry professionals, entrepreneurs and fellow participants to solve real-world problems in real time. There will be a creative learning environment that will inspire you to drive purposeful change back into your organization/agency. But who’s running the show? Let’s take a look at who these people are and why you need to be in the same room as them if you want to get ahead in digital.

10 sessions by 10 inspiring people

The opening and closing sessions are led by Hyper Island’s in-house learning designers and facilitators Johan Eriksson and Liene Leimanis Bartlett. Johan creates and leads learning journeys in technology, human-centered design, culture, innovation and entrepreneurship. He’s a senior facilitator who has been leading and designing courses such as Digital Acceleration and Business Transformation. Liene is a experienced facilitator, as well as process designer and leadership consultant. Through process design and facilitation, she helps to unlock the hidden potential of individuals, supporting groups to become teams, and organizations to improve their working culture, strategies and goal setting.

Seasoned Hyper Island collaborators Stefan Wendin and Ashkan Fardost lead A New Logic. Self-identified innovation lab leader and trouble maker, Stefan Wendin is a global speaker and senior advisor at exciting Swedish startup Neo4j. His mission to create a force for innovation within companies and organisations. Futurist, speaker and investor Ashkan Fardost is acutely aware of the impact of the digital revolution on the future and has been studying the effects of technology and digitalization since the early 2000s.

Another Tomorrow’s Joe Coppard leads three sessions: Discovery Phase, Ideation & Prototyping and Test & Validate. Joe is on a mission to embed collaborative creative problem solving across the world. Pioneer of cross-disciplinary hackathons and sprints with the likes of Google, Absolut, Bosch and Spotify, he’s also a director of transformation and culture change for government agencies, cultural institutions and critical industries.

Eva Appelbaum will take charge of the Digital Strategy session. Eva helps organizations get fit for the digital age by putting people at the heart of transformation. As Digital Director at BBC Earth, Eva was a transformational leader pivotal in changing the way the BBC worked across television and digital content & products.

Donna Hanafi is our Data expert. CEO and co-founder of HONA, Donna has experience in leading several tech startups that have been based in Stockholm, New York, and San Francisco. Today, she is an advisor and board member to startups, and also invests through Oddball Ventures. She is an expert in user insights, technology, growth, startups, customer experience, and product marketing. She has been named as a digital super talent and future female leader for her successful work with growth and customer experience.

Last but not least, Dawn Hoenie and Niklas Huss will co-facilitate the Culture Change session. Dawn leads the Global Methodology Development team at Hyper Island and is responsible for fostering knowledge sharing as well as the curation and development of our learning methodologies. Niklas Huss, Head of Innovation at Länsförsäkringar, helps organizations streamline their business and maximize customer experience.