Meet the students: Urska Ticar

Say hello to Urska, a Hyper Island student currently in the IPR phase of the Digital Experience Design MA. Here she talks to us about discovering a little piece of magic in the heart of Manchester.

Hi, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey to Hyper Island?

Hi, I’m Urska. I’m originally from Slovenia, but I’ve been living in the U.K. for the past four years. I came to Hyper Island because my job wasn’t giving me a feeling of personal growth or the thrill of working on interesting projects.

When you arrived here, was Hyper like you expected?

I’d had a bit of preview of the school, as my friend was a Hyper Island student the year before me. It was nothing like I would expect to be called a school! Going downstairs into a basement?! Sofas, TV, unicorns, post-its everywhere… it was magical. I think you have to experience it and feel it to truly understand. It’s definitely worth experiencing!

Is there a typical day at Hyper Island? What should potential students expect?

Arrive at 9.00am (there aren’t a lot of rules, but “don’t be late” is one of the few), check in to feel the vibe of your classmates and then dive into work. This might be anything from research to ideation, prototyping to presenting. Sometimes there’ll be workshop or talk in between. At 12 o’clock, grab lunch with your crew and make plans for that evening. Then dive back into work. Around 5.30pm grab some dinner and come back Hyper for movie night!

Why did you choose to follow a this path? Does design and digital thinking really have the power to change the world?

Hell yes! Design is the glue between so many different systems. We need creative thinking to get us out of this mess we call our global society and to change the world!… We’re getting there.

“Coming here was proof that I’m on the right track.”

So, from global societies back to the school. What are the people like? We’ve heard it’s a bit like a family…

Yes, you get to know people on a deeper level really fast and that holds you together like glue for life. I still speak with at least one of them every week.

You mentioned you’re from Slovenia and, in fact, many Hyper Island students are international. Why should they come to Manchester?

You should come here because there are lots of design events and industry talks, loads of great places for drinks and partying, and it has the feeling of a big city while being friendly and cosy.

So, if you could give potential students one reason to study here, what would it be?

Hyper Island doesn’t choose its students, they choose Hyper Island. If you have courage and are passionate about design, people and a bit of magic, this is the right place for you.

What next for Urska? What does your future hold after Hyper Island?

For me, coming here was proof that I’m on the right track to an as yet unknown destination. I’m enjoying the Hyper journey and discovering where it’s going to take me next.

Anything else you want to add?

Believe in magic, have fun and TRUST the PROCESS 😉

You can catch Urska talking more about her experiences at the Hyper Island Manchester school in our film A Day in the Life of Hyper Island.