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The Future is private! At least that’s what Facebook’s CEO, Chairman, and co-Founder told us this week.


The Future is private!

At least that’s what Facebook’s CEO, Chairman, and co-Founder told us this week. Of course, privacy is and will be one of the main issues of our time.

But what if the future could be something else? Made up of many other surprising, new and unpredictable things? What would you make it be?

What if we could make a list of priorities of what the future could and should be…?

These are a few ideas…


What’s changing: Thursday, May 9th, 2019

The future will be organized on platforms. (2 min read)

The future will be ruled by smarter than human A.I.

One thing is for sure, after watching the discussion between Yuval Noah Harari, Philosopher; and Fei-Fei Li, Co-Director of Stanford University’s Human-Centered AI. You’ll feel smarter than A.I. (1:30min video)

The future is delivered in boxes.
Specially if E-commerce and Food deliveries continue to grow. (4 min and 5 min reads)

The future is alt-meat! Long-live Vegans! (5 min read) Even if it hurts our morals (6 min read)

The future is all knowing.
We already tell services and platforms what we love, and dream of, and that might be ok. (3 min and 4 reads)

The future is moral choices! 
If you could change the DNA of an entire species forever, would you do it? Kevin Esvelt asks himself that every day. (38 min podcast)

The future is virtual. 
It’s going to be hard to know what’s real and what’s not… maybe we won’t need to know the difference.

The future is creative!
And that’s the beauty of humans. Who could have seen this coming?


Mental energizer

“Mexico is Amazon’s fastest market to reach $1 billion in sales, Sao Paulo is Uber’s largest city in rides in the world, Mexico City holds Spotify’s biggest user base, and Brazil and Mexico are Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp’s largest markets,”

– From “Latin America has “arrived” among global VC’s


Food for thought

Crying Girl on the Border.

The World Press Photo of the year is as powerful as the title indicates.


Tomorrow’s numbers

61% of all food delivery is pizza. (in the US) Want to guess the second?
From Twitter (Ubereats)

Eleven years on, Airbnb’s site lists more than six million rooms, flats, and houses in more than 81,000 cities across the globe. On average, two million people rest their heads in an Airbnb property each night – half a billion since 2008.
From “How Airbnb took over the world” at The Guardian.

The United States will need 203k new registered nurses every year through 2026 to replace retiring nurses and fill new positions.
From The Hustle.

The policy was implemented in July last year. Since then, revenue at the Australian company has increased by 46%, and profits nearly tripled.
From “The Australian company that banned work on Wednesdays” at The BBC.

Japan’s aging trend is swelling the number of vacant houses in the country: There were 3.47 million vacant private homes in Japan last year, up 9.1% since 2013.
From Axios.



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This week’s exploration of possible futures was curated with curiosity by Iñaki Escudero, Future Activist.

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