Look for the signals

Why signals? A signal provides information or sends us a message about possibilities. A signal could tell us about the next big thing that will change the way we live.

We look for signals among the hundreds of links we review every week. We are searching for evidence of change in behavior – not just in people (organisms) but also in systems. Stay tuned.

What’s changing: Friday, February 23rd, 2018

  • In Australia, India, Japan, NYC and Singapore, senior hosts (aged 60 and above) in Airbnb are the fastest growing host age bracket. In most Asia Pacific countries, this group has the highest percentage of five-star reviews. 2 minute read
  • With the increasing popularity of genetic genealogy tests, DNA has become a commodity sought by scientists and biotech companies, each hoping to collect enough to acquire new knowledge in new ways. 4 minute read
  • Can AI be used for creative purposes? Watch New York Magazine’s art critic review AI generated art. 3:29 seconds video
  • Americans are spending much less on clothing than in recent times. Reasons for this are as futuristic as you can get: Fashionista trends are lasting longer and becoming less influential; the uptake of a more casual wardrobe at work; an increase in spending on technology (entertainment, devices, data); and social media as a “self expression” statement are the main factors behind the change in fashion. 10 minute read
  • Fake news has become so mainstream that there is now even an online game designed to test your skills in spotting (and generating) fake news stories. Are you ready to be the mastermind driving chaos into society? A few enlightening minutes
  • Ever wonder about real needs of emerging markets? If so, take a look at the eight chosen ideas for investment support by FTL. This is a company that enables the rapid piloting, testing and refinement of new solutions across borders. 2 minute read Pop Quiz: What is IoT-enabled, controlled by app, syncs with Alexa, and customizes its temperature using Machine Learning? You’ll never guess

Mental Energizer

“The fastest-growing jobs through 2026 belong to what one might call the Three Cs: care, computers, and clean energy. ”

From Why Nerds and Nurses are Taking over the U.S. Economy in The Atlantic.

Food for thought


The idea that the future can influence the present, and that the present can influence the past.


Curated with curiosity by Iñaki Escudero, Future Activist @inakiescudero