Learning Never Stops – Meet the Master’s crew in Singapore

"At times of change, the learners are the ones who will inherit the world, while the knowers will be beautifully prepared for a world which no longer exists.” - Eric Hoffer

Our 2016 part-time Digital Management Master’s students hail from 12 different countries and come from an impressive range of diverse backgrounds – FMCG, Film, ICT, Branding, Social Services and Sports, to name a few. They all carry unique learning goals and a wealth of experiences, but if there’s one thing to describe this year’s cohort, it is their insatiable thirst for knowledge and their openness to step out of their comfort zones to emerging as better versions of themselves.

We explored the reasons behind them joining Hyper Island’s Part-time MA Digital Management in Singapore.

To lead in an ever-changing world

“I want to be well versed to handle changes in our world; lead a team and navigate through disruptive changes” – Gloria Lai, Taiwan

“I want to specialise in digital, not limited to marketing, to be able to gain credibility as a ‘change agent’ and ‘intrapreneur’ within my organization. I want to deconstruct my mental models, and better understand the start-up ecosystem.” – Rahul Mudgal, India

A different type of learning environment

“The innovation-driven and the focus on the digital environment.” – Mauricio Medeiros, Brazil

“My friend highly recommend it to me. The tipping point was the teaching style which suited my learning style. I’m looking forward to learn digital technologies, business transformation and design thinking. Hope to be able to future proof myself and use the skills to apply to the transformation I am leading in my association.” – Gary Lim Yee Siang, Singapore

Change and transformation

“Reinvention. Unlearn + Learn. GroupThink. Don’t like to be behind the curve, no need to be ahead of the curve – Wanting to be the curve.” – Oscar Oomens, Netherlands

“I’ve been looking around for ways to upgrade myself, except I was not sure how and where to until I stumbled upon HI’s DMM. I find that the course contents are very relevant to the ever changing digital world we’re living in, yet not directly related to what I already know. I think what I’ll be learning here will open up a lot more doors for me in the future, which is exactly what I’m looking for! I hope at the end of it, I’ll be able to confidently and competently venture out much more than I could before.” – Cheah Shiang-Yang, Singapore

Crew 5 recently completed the Hyper Island Way Week where they were equipped with the right tools and mindset to tackle the 15 months of the programme.

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