Learning is an endless journey that starts at Hyper Island

A ballerina and more in a past life, Ashley Back decided to change paths. She took on the challenge with Hyper Island and has embraced both the lifelong learning methodology and her new career. Ashley is now a motion designer at independent creative house Studio Moross in London, working with MTV, Parklife Festival in Manchester, and singer Sam Smith.

Meet Hyper Island alumni Ashley Back, Motion Designer.

Journey to Hyper Island

“I wanted to find an alternative education that had actual proper skills for the industry.”

Left feeling uninspired by the traditional academic model, and unable find the right program for her needs, she wanted to find a transformative and collaborative learning environment that would prepare her for a new career. Ashley was living in the UK when she found out about Hyper Island’s “learn by doing” methodology and programs.

We asked her to share some thoughts and inspiration for others in a similar position.

Hi Ashley! How did you decide that Motion Designer (former Motion Creative) was the right program for you?

“I was a fashion designer before I decided to switch to motion design. Fashion design wasn’t right for me and it was quite hard to make it work.”

Originally, Ashley started in the Digital Media Creative program, a well-rounded program in which she could explore multiple aspects of the digital design industry. A few months into the program, she realized that her passion was in motion design, and worked with Hyper Island’s administrators to seamlessly transfer into the Motion Designer program in Karlskrona.

Tell us about what you learned during the Motion Designer program at Hyper Island.

Ashley cultivated her design, teamwork and self-leadership skills through real client projects and intensive team collaboration.

“At the start of the program, I was a very introverted person but now I can take feedback very well and implement it quickly. Projects don’t always go smoothly, but this helped me become a better teammate.”

How did you get your role with Studio Moross?

“If you are a doer and take initiative, Hyper Island is the place for you.”

After seeing a video about award-winning designer and art director Kate Moross, Ashley decided she wanted to work with her. With the support of her program manager, she invited Kate to Hyper Island to lead a workshop about projection mapping. She built her relationship with Kate during this time and landed an internship with her studio.

How was the step from school to working life?

“To be honest, there isn’t a big difference. I’m still learning and trying and I feel like it’s an endless journey. My time with Hyper Island prepared me well.”

What do you take with you from Hyper Island?

Ashley added substantial value to her new team by implementing the tools she learned. Currently, she integrates everything from moodboards, online documentation methods, project wrap-up processes, and even cultural practices to enhance her team.

“Kate [my boss] fell in love with Hyper Island and Swedish culture. Now we have a fika every day with the whole office. It’s been really great to bond with everyone.”

Share your favorite projects with us.

“My favorite project was the cell animation I did for the Parklife Festival in Manchester. I also got to do some really cool work with MTV and even went to a private concert by Sam Smith with our studio.”

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