Hyper Island students are rolling with Volvo Group

Over the course of 72 intensive hours, 250 Hyper Island students developed 40 hacks to help the Volvo Group create new services for connected and electric trucks in cities. Here’s what went down.

A real-world challenge

Today, Hyper Island students were in Gothenburg to present their winning hack of the first-ever Volvo x Hyper Island Hack Sprint to the Volvo Group Connected Solutions Executive Management Team and special guests. The hackathon was held from November 19-21, 2018, and brought together five Hyper Island programmes in multidisciplinary teams to accelerate real-world solutions with real-world impact for a real-world challenge.

With the introduction of the Volvo FL Electric this year – the first all-electric truck for commercial use – Volvo Trucks are poised to become a leader electrified transport solutions for urban distributions in cities. During the Volvo x Hyper Island Hack Sprint in Stockholm students were given the challenge of creating new services for this truck.

“Connected and electric vehicles will revolutionise how we move people and things but require an ecosystem of services in order to take full advantage of the technology and for it to be fully adopted. When our customers use our transport solutions to build sustainable societies and facilitate trade, they contribute to prosperity. Electrified truck transports will have a huge impact on societies that are aiming for sustainable urban development”, explains Philip Wockatz who is responsible for Open Innovation at Volvo Group Connected Solutions.

An amazing buzz!

“This week, all students at Hyper Island were divided into 40 teams in order to take on a 72 hour hackathon with Volvo Group. We were challenged to develop new business, UX, and communication design solutions for the future growth of electric vehicles. It was an amazing experience in quickly applying team development methods on a new team, as well as rapidly find and prototype new business design concepts. Thank you Volvo Group and Hyper Island!”

Anton Moritz
Business Developer student at Hyper Island

Nicolas Barnao, Raffi Avakian, Trisha John, Philip Wockatz, Ricardo Aponte, Isabelle Öhman Cirillo

“What an amazing buzz! Volvo x Hyper Island Hack Sprint 2018 finished with a bang. So proud of all Hyper Island students and big thanks to the Volvo Group judges. 250 Hyper Island students really showed Volvo Group why they are considered among the most talented! #innovation #hackathon”

Philip Wockatz
Open Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Volvo Group

Towards a learning partnership

The hackathon with Hyper Island students was a great way for Volvo Group to get inspired, energized, and develop a feeling for the tools and methods that make Hyper Island successful. Companies like the Volvo Group are ideal Hyper Island Learning Partners to establish a close relationship with Hyper Island students and help foster the next generation of tech-savvy creative talent.

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