Turbo-boosting the Hyper Island Alumni Community

We met with Matilda Sundaker, who's heading up the Hyper Island Alumni Community from her office in Amsterdam. As alumni will be a big focus for Hyper Island in 2018, we want to take the opportunity to introduce everyone to Matilda and her mission.

Who are you? Tell us about your background.

I have a long history with Hyper Island. I joined in 2009 to help out with marketing and recruitment and quickly became invested in the relationships between brands, technology and people. I wanted to explore how all these connect and interact with each other. I wanted to make that connection the core of my work. I worked for Hyper Island in Stockholm and New York for several years before deciding to really walk the talk. That is when I moved to Manchester in the UK to study the full-time master’s program Digital Media Management.

Studying a program myself helped me figure out that I was passionate about strategy. After graduating in 2013, I left Hyper Island and moved to Amsterdam to work for adidas. After two years there, I switched to VICE, which was my first-ever experience of working at an agency.

A year in, I realized that company culture is one of the most important things for me when it comes to working and so VICE didn’t feel like the best fit for me. I decided to leave and start my own company, which has been one of the best career decisions I have ever made. The freedom of choosing when you work, with whom you work, and what you do, is so empowering – not to mention the learnings that come from self-management. Last summer, I started working part-time with Hyper Island again with a focus on our alumni.

What’s your mission in this new role?

My main mission is to enable and spread lifelong learning while empowering and connecting people in the Hyper Island alumni community.

We really want to bridge the gap between being a student and being alumni. It’s not only important to us that your journey continues once you graduate from Hyper Island, but our alumni have also requested that we continue to empower their development after graduating from Hyper Island. And we believe that becoming part of a great and solid global community with more than 4500 members is the first step in the right direction.

What is happening for Hyper Island alumni in 2018?

We have a lot of exciting things coming up. First, we’ve created a hub for everything alumni-related. Here alumni can find information on how to stay connected, find likeminded people and sign up to become a mentor.

Second, we are releasing an alumni newsletter. The purpose is to keep our alumni inspired and encourage them to keep using the tools they learned during their time at Hyper Island.

A big part of my work is to continuously empower alumni to make their voice heard.

Are you alumni with a story to tell? Do you have ideas, feedback or thoughts? Please share them with me. This community belongs to alumni and it’s so important for us to have their input moving forward.

Our alumni community has taught us that one of their biggest struggles is implementing the ‘Hyper Island Way’ into their workplaces. To support this, we have now launched an alumni meet-up kit. It’s a pre-designed learning experience that alumni can set up and host by themselves to exchange ideas on how to make an impact within their companies whilst also strengthening their local community. No matter where you are in the world, we bet there are other alumni around. We really want them to interact with each other and hope our kit will simplify that.

Join our community on Hyper Island alumni Facebook group.

You have been working on the Hyper Island alumni network for about half a year now. What are your biggest takeaways so far?

We really have an incredible community. We have so many progressive people that are pushing boundaries and bringing the world forward. Hyper Island alumni are generally super passionate about Hyper Island and what we do and what we stand for.

I realize more and more how much power this community has. We had a couple of alumni meetups last summer in Zürich, Berlin and Amsterdam. In Berlin, they are actually having continuous meetups now. That’s what we want to see more of. We want to spread the practice of meetups to more cities across the world. If you want to start hosting an alumni meetup, we are always here to support you!

Thanks so much, Matilda!

If you have graduated from a full-time program from Hyper Island, you are part of a global community of 4500 people. We aim to stay connected with you so please reach out if you want to share your story or meet other alumni around you.

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