Human Needs at the Centre of Innovation: Lifelong Learning

"The Force is strong at Hyper Island. We force ourselves to step in and out of our comfort zones to find our confidence in future technologies and be conversant in possible world scenarios. Each lesson forces us to look through big, brave lenses and respond to real-world challenges with human-centric solutions." - Peachy Pacquing

We recently caught up with our part-time Master’s student, Peachy Pacquing, who shared her thoughts on education, lifelong learning, and her transformative journey so far.

Hi, Peachy! Tell us about your professional background.

I have worn many hats in the last 27 years of my professional life – copywriter, creative director, strategist, agency head, executive director of an NGO, senior industry fellow at a school of design and arts, emergency response team volunteer, social innovation and enterprise mentor, chief connector of a talent lending bank, lecturer at a college of fine arts, private and government human-centered design consultant, transmedia storyteller — on top of being a mother of three and an artist’s wife.

What are you passionate about?

“Family. Ideas. Education. My passions are in order.” That is what’s written on my Pinterest page.

You have been involved in the education sector for quite a while. What do you think employers need to address when thinking about developing their staff?

Communication. Respectful, empathic, real-time, two-way feedback is critical for administration or management and their talents to deliver on the “Why” or their sharply articulated reason for being. Everything else, the business strategy, talent development, key operational thrusts, the “Hows” and “Whats” will fall into place.

Equally important is to Walk The Talk. Don’t put words like integrity, innovation, insight into your company values and have no day-to-day manifestations seen and felt by every single member of the organization. Closely related would be, a well-established Shared Vocabulary. Let’s mean what we say and say what we mean: Do we all understand and agree on what it means to be an educator in this institution? Ultimately, in any human organization, developing talent (and talent wanting to be developed) is founded on mutual trust.

If you were to reflect on your learning journey so far, has anything within you/your mindset changed? How so?

I was ‘brought up’ in an organization with a palpable excellence culture. There, I thrived and started my lifelong learning journey in earnest. I stayed in the communications industry close to three decades because I got to study many industries in depth. But coming to Hyper Island made me even more curious about how the world works. With our questions and discomfort came more clarity and braver perspectives. The one I appreciate the most and have become a staunch advocate of is, putting human needs at the center of innovation.

Thank you, Peachy. See on campus soon!

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