How Industry 4.0 is Disrupting Business Models

The convergence of technology and business is disrupting entire sectors. Do you want to understand how the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ will impact your business and to unlock opportunities?

Industry 4.0 is upending traditional ways of doing business. Advances in technology, connectivity and manufacturing are changing the way we consume and dispose of products.

As a result, product and service designers incorporating exciting new technologies like automation, augmented reality, virtual reality and cloud computing to meet customer expectations driven by the same.

Everything – from business models to production methods – is evolving and more efficient ways of merging technology into the product life cycle is eradicating whole industries and creating new ones.

Disruption is happening everywhere

Experts at the World Economic Forum have made public that they believe machines and algorithms in the workplace may cause 75 million jobs to be displaced globally by 2022, but will create 133 million new ones.

In the article, The Fourth Industrial Revolution will change the world – but only 14% of execs are ready for it, the authors argue that, according to their research, “Only one-third of the executives surveyed are highly confident they can act as stewards of their organizations during this time of change. And only 14% are highly confident their organizations are ready to fully harness the changes associated with Industry 4.0.”

Prepare to learn more about the future of your industry

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