How Charlotte Found the Missing Link in her Career

Going to school in Switzerland was a great start but Charlotte Aubry needed real-world insights and approaches that would help her stand out from the crowd. She knew she wanted to work within marketing, but felt she lacked the necessary skills and mindset. Hyper Island helped her develop both. 

Charlotte studied the basics of digital marketing as part of her university degree and soon landed an internship at luxury hotel group Faena Group. This transitioned into a digital marketing assistant role at personal care company L’Oréal Switzerland. After working in the field, Charlotte began looking around for a course to give her the tools, processes and approaches to accelerate her skills and knowledge – and find a permanent position working within digital marketing.

A colleague recommended that she check out Hyper Island, which currently has schools and offices in Sweden, Brazil, Singapore, UK and USA, but not yet in Switzerland. With more than 5000 former students and participants around the world, our alumni community is a crucial recruitment tool for Hyper Island as so many are keen to share their learning experiences and for others to do the same.

Online means working and studying at the same time

Charlotte decided to sign up for our popular Digital Marketing Online Course. The fact that the course is online suited her as she could work and study at the same time. Just like on-campus studies, Digital Marketing Online Course combines videos, tasks, webinars and individual feedback. All the content is focused on tackling the needs that participants face in their organizations.

Charlotte told Hyper Island afterwards that she valued the interaction between the course leaders and participants. She said she was able to ask questions, get quick answers, and gain links to other places to find more information.

She learned lots from reading and discussing the work of other participants, especially due to the diverse organisations and industries they were working for. The industry experts delivering the course are chosen to provide additional knowledge to take the topics further.

“It was a great learning experience. It was very tangible, with lots of good examples, case studies and practical ways to apply it to the workplace. There was always a clear aim as to why we were doing things and – rather than only being given theory – we were challenged to try things out right away and measure their impact. The live sessions were engaging and the content was clear so I could understand and apply it straight away.”

Charlotte Aubry
Digital Marketing Online Course

Charlotte hit the ground running in her new job

The Digital Marketing Online Course helped Charlotte gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to take on demanding challenges. It helped her develop a digital marketing mindset of testing, measuring and learning – as well as always thinking of the customer first and understanding how to guide them down the marketing funnel.

Shortly after the course wrapped up in May, Charlotte landed a role as Digital Marketing Specialist for internationally renowned private clinic Clinique La Prairie in Lausanne. She started in September, just four months after studying at Hyper Island. It was a newly created position that required her to setup the digital strategy, create social media accounts, a newsletter template, a responsive website, an SEO strategy and a visual content library.

Some of the digital marketing assets Charlotte created in the first year in her new job:

  • An international digital marketing strategy
  • Social media accounts and weekly community management
  • Website relaunch and monthly developments, including redesign, customer needs diagnostic, contact forms, database information collectors, blog creation
  • Customer newsletter and monthly content
  • GDPR compliance strategy

At the company she quickly achieved some great results. Here’s a selection:

  • Building an organic instagram community of 2,600 followers in two years by using engaging content and influencer partnerships.
  • Creating a more user centric and responsive website that includes a blog and a diagnostic tool to help guide customers to the right medical program for their needs all while collecting data.
  • Doubling the customer database thanks to call to actions on the website and engaging content on social media and in newsletters.
  • Increasing sales by setting up triggers for automated personalized emails when interest for a product was shown on the website.

“If you have some basic knowledge of digital marketing, and are looking for something that takes you to the next level, then this course is for you. You need to be disciplined and make the time for it to make the most of the opportunity, but if you do you will develop a lot of valuable skills and knowledge.”

Charlotte Aubry
Digital Marketing Online Course participant

Why Take the Digital Marketing Online Course

The Digital Marketing Online Course is part-time and designed to help you grow your digital marketing abilities. You could call it the missing link in your career, as the Hyper Island methodology online with hands-on digital marketing know-how, and is designed to give you confidence and competence to make a real difference in your current position, or give you a competitive edge when looking for a new one. This course is led by a team of Hyper Island facilitators and supported by industry experts.

Participants explore and build competence in the following areas:

  • Activation tactics for reaching the most people with minimum effort
  • Acquisition techniques for engaging your target audience
  • Conversion tricks to turn potential leads into paying customers
  • Retention ways to engage customers and keep them coming back for more
  • Optimisation tools to measure results, that will help improve your performance