Here’s How to Create Innovation That Really Makes an Impact

Innovation. Surely a contender as one of the most common buzzwords in business right now (even beating ‘artificial intelligence’ in the number of Google search results). It is often quoted as being crucial for companies to survive, but what does it mean to ‘create’ innovation and what impact could it have on an organization?

How to Create Innovation at Your Organization

Demystify the terminology

Go beyond the buzzword and seek to answer the question: How should we think about innovation? Explore a range of frameworks and reflect on what you can learn and apply from each. Also, consider how you currently innovate and how they can be applied to your workplace.

Discover opportunities to innovate

Innovation starts with doing your research. Explore a range of methods and techniques for opportunity-spotting, user research and generating insights. Learn ways to cut through the noise and quickly gather a rich set of data, sort and synthesize it – to ultimately frame your innovation challenge in a clear and compelling way.

Embrace ideation and concepting

Solve your innovation challenge by generating creative solutions. You will need methods for collaborative brainstorming, sorting and clustering your ideas, and packaging early-stage solution concepts. You’ll also need some basics of facilitation to boost your ability to lead creative processes with your team or groups of stakeholders.

Become a prototyping and testing pro

Bring your ideas to life quickly and test them with real users in order to learn and refine the solution to truly meet the problem. The tools and approaches for rapid prototyping and simple techniques for effective user-testing and evaluation can be learned.

Build the MVP

Once you’ve landed on a solution that meets your innovation challenge, it’s time to launch a minimum viable product (MVP). Different business models and implementation approaches can impact the survival of your idea and so it’s vital you prove its value and market fit.

Gain traction

Any solution is only as strong as its execution. How will you tell the story of your solution and successfully introduce and integrate within your context? You’ll need to apply simple growth hacking techniques for any context, and learn about setting goals and defining methods for measuring progress.

Never stop innovating

Cultivate an environment in which your innovation can continue to flourish. Create a roadmap for sustainable development through reflecting and capturing key takeaways, and explore ways to embed the mindset for innovation within your ecosystem to support continuous innovation.

Real-time value generation

Participants of our online course Creating Innovation get insights into the fundamental foundations of innovation that enable them to create it in their organizations. They learn the tools, techniques and processes that enable innovation to flourish and create value for their organizations, customers and stakeholders.

We favor a learning-by-doing approach. Each week, we introduce new processes, tools and techniques and challenge participants to try them out in real-time in their workplaces.

Applying what they learn in real-time means they can develop their leadership skills within innovation and create immediate value for their organization in parallel.

Why take an online course on innovation?

People who are interested in, or already working with, innovation can benefit from taking an online course, regardless of whether they are beginners or have some experience.

You might work with developing new products or services, or focus on internal processes and ways of working. You could have an innovation challenge or want to bring a new kind of thinking and mindset shift into your organisation.

As online courses are practical and don’t require you to take time off work, our participants come from diverse industries and occupy roles such as CEO, head of department, product lead, consultant, designer, strategist, engineer, project manager, startup founder, and entrepreneur.

Are you ready to start creating innovation and immediate value for your organization?